Mayavi Maling: Antara to outdo Madhumali and Angad’s evil plans


Chegu and Eshwarya get caught by the men. Eshwarya gets an idea and seeks help from Maling’s soldiers. Maharaj gets to see Eshwarya with Chegu. He finds her in danger. Angad’s soldiers lie to Maling’s guards and try to make an escape. Angad’s man gets a huge shock on seeing Maharaj inside the palanquin. Maharaj helps out Eshwarya and Chegu by saving them from the bad men. Eshwarya runs to Maharaj. She falls in trouble when Angad’s soldier tries to kill her. The goon tells Maharaj that he isn’t hungry for any jewelry or pearls, he just wants to fulfill the command given by Angad. Madhumali gives a task to Adhivanth and asks him to take Trishanku away from everyone. Adhivanth conceals his identity to fulfill his task. Maharaj asks Eshwarya to save her life. The goon threatens to kill her.

Maharaj witnesses Agnishakti, when Antara comes there and saves Eshwarya’s life. Chegu and Antara manage to protect Maharaj and Eshwarya. Angad’s soldiers run away. Maharaj realizes Antara’s powers. Antara tells Maharaj that she is Chegu’s mum, she is a Dev Vanshi, who wishes the welfare of Maling Rajya. She tells him about Dev Vanshi and Daanav Vanshi’s clashes going on since ages. She tells him that Daanav Vanshis are now eyeing Maling Rajya to capture and rule. Madhumali influences Vaidehi to proceed with the marriage rituals. She asks the Maharanis to gather everyone for the ceremony. She asks Vaidehi about Maharaj Shil Aditya. Vaidehi covers up the matter and asks her to have some patience. Madhumali expresses her annoyance over the delay. She asks them to start the marriage rituals.

Pranali gets worried as her dad hasn’t reach the palace till now. Antara tells Maharaj Shil Aditya that Madhumali is a Daanav Vanshi, she is wife of Daanav King Marukeyasur. She tells him that Chegu has won Eshwarya’s trust, because of which they could help Maling. Maharaj Shil Aditya gets a big shock on learning the entire truth. He apologizes to Chegu and Eshwarya for not believing him. Antara tells him to stop the marriage, if demon king Angad marries Pranali, then he will rule on Maling with his demons. Maharaj Shil Aditya tells her that he will surely stop the wedding. Pranali gets tensed when her mothers make her sit in the mandap. Angad proceeds with the rituals.

He takes advantage of Shil Aditya’s absence. Madhumali gets clueless about his absence. She doesn’t know if Antara has warned him about Daanav Vanshi. Maharaj Shil Aditya manages to make an entry in time. He apologizes for coming late. He tells them that he has gone to get Eshwarya back. Madhumali and Angad feel losing out when Eshwarya returns. Angad fails in getting Eshwarya killed. Madhumali asks Angad to get ready, as Maharaj Shil Aditya is playing a game with them. Angad gets geared up to do anything and marry Pranali. Pranali wants to avoid the marry. Haran promises her that he will help her escape from the palace, he will not let her marriage happen against her will.


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