Jiji Maa: Suyash to clear his doubts about Lazer’s identity

Jiji Maa: Suyash to conceal his critical illness

Niyati meets Falguni and tells her that she is doubtful about Uttara’s planning. Falguni tells her about the deadly attempt by Balwant. She reveals that Suyash has saved her life once again. She feels her Lord has sent Suyash to help her. She tells Niyati that Balwant is Shambu, whom she was finding till now. She tells that she will now target Balwant and make him confess the truth. Suyash thinks of Falguni. He doubts that Lazer is Falguni. He decides to clear his doubts. He calls up Falguni. She understands that he is doubting on her. Niyati asks Falguni to answer the call, else Suyash will get more doubtful. He goes to meet Falguni at home. Falguni rushes to reach her home before Suyash arrives.

She doesn’t want Suyash to know her truth that she has taken Lazer’s disguise to expose Uttara. Suyash reaches the house before Falguni. He goes inside the house to meet her.

Falguni sneaks inside by the back door and meets Suyash. He tries to see if she has any wound. He asks Falguni if she is fine. He recalls their past moments. She covers up her wound. Suyash gets Lazer’s ribbon at her house. His doubt gets certain. He feels Falguni is hiding something from him. He makes a plan to know Falguni and Lazer’s truth. Falguni meets Balwant and scares him. She captures him and threatens of killing him if he doesn’t accept the truth. She asks him to reveal his crimes if he wants to save himself. Suyash tells Uttara that he has saved Lazer’s life. Uttara gets upset that her enemy is still alive.


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