Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kulfi to get humiliated; Amyra falls in a tricky situation

Amyra dislikes Kulfi

Sikandar tries to explain Amyra her mistake. She tells her that she is a princess, but she doesn’t need anything artificial to have in her success party. He feels sorry that he didn’t teach her to walk on the right path. He regrets that Amyra isn’t realizing her mistake and is just thinking about the party. He tells her that if she does the wrong thing by stealing someone’s voice, it will be bad, she should refuse to Lovely when she teaches wrong. He tells Amyra that the kid who has sung the song deserves the credit. He likes Kulfi’s voice. He tells Amyra that the girl’s voice is really pure and amazing, she should get the success. He asks Amyra to think if anyone does this with her. Amyra realizes her mistake and feels bad. Sikandar has to take a tough job in hand. He thinks to meet Roshan and reveal the truth to him. Kulfi gets to hear Sikandar appreciating her voice and gets too happy.

Amyra asks Kulfi does she feel bad of lending her voice. Kulfi tells Amyra that she is happy to get appreciated. Amyra thinks Sikandar is mistake about the deserving kid’s feelings. She asks Kulfi to keep Johny with her, till she attends the party with her friends.

Kulfi understands Amyra and goes away. Lovely and Sweety have an argument over Sikandar’s drama. Sweety asks Lovely to apologize to Sikandar. Lovely refuses to her. Sweety tells Lovely that Sikandar won’t be quiet and expose her flaws to the world. She alerts Lovely. She asks Lovely if Sikandar has gone to fail her plans. Sikandar tries to meet Roshan. He fails to meet him because of Lovely’s lies. Lovely gets worried for the future. She doesn’t want the secret to come out. Amyra enjoys with her friends in her success party, while Kulfi enjoys dancing with Johny. Kulfi runs after Johny and enters the party. She meets Amyra’s friends and gets humiliated. Kulfi gets scolding by Amyra. Amyra gets panicking when her friends ask her to sing. She gets heartbroken and decides to leave Sikandar’s house.


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