Kumkum Bhagya: King to turn revengeful against Abhi

Pragya King Singh Tellyreviews

Abhi comes to King’s party alone as Tanu gets busy partying with her friends. He feels Pragya’s presence around him and misses her the most. He comes to know that the decoration is done by King’s wife and gets impressed with her. They both have hit and miss meeting in the party. Surprisingly, they both drink water from the same glass one by one, without realizing the other. Mr. Wick comes on stage to announce the musical world album with Abhi and King. King asks Pragya to meet his rival and moves from their way.

Abhi and Pragya come face to face and get emotional. King introduces Pragya as his wife shocking Abhi. Pragya couldn’t tell him the truth as she has promised King to act as his wife. King cooks up a fake story that they got married 7 years ago in the temple. Abhi gets in trauma and thinks if Pragya had never loved him. He walks out of the party hall and vents out his pain on the road. He couldn’t digest the fact that Pragya will forget him and remarry to move on in love.

Tanu arrives at the party and sees Abhi leaving the party. Pragya goes through an emotional turmoil and gets upset with King for the big lie. She informs King that her husband is Abhi. King gets shocked and decides to take revenge for Pragya’s tears. Meanwhile, Kiara enjoys at Abhi’s house and makes a good rapport with Mehra family. Disha develops a liking for Kiara and insists to meet her mother. Suwarni Dadi and Dasi feel instant connectivity with Kiara and sense some resemblance with Pragya.


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