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Tu Aashiqui:
Reyansh’s truth will be out in front of Dharanjgir family soon. Reyansh spells out Babu and Jaan, which irk Pankti and Sheetal for a moment. Though, Pankti understands Reyansh’s friendship and brushes off her doubts, Sheetal gets suspicious about Reyansh. She feels he is hiding some big secret. Anita also has the same feeling about Reyansh. Anita realizes Reyansh is interested in Pankti. She tries to strike a deal with him, but fails. Reyansh/JD thinks of revealing his truth to Anita to get her back in his control.

Little Muskaan misses Aarti a lot. After Aarti leaves for home, Muskaan thinks of connecting to Tabassum and asking her for an invitation for Jaya’s marriage. Muskaan decides to meet Aarti’s family. She doesn’t understand why Aarti is keeping her away from her father and rest of the family. Aarti hides the truth about Muskaan from her sisters. She just shares her feelings with Tabassum. She fears to lose Muskaan if her secret comes out. Aarti shows patience and gets busy in Jaya’s marriage preparations. Rakhi gets doubtful of Aarti’s outstation visit. She thinks to find out where Aarti had been. Muskaan gets restless to meet Aarti. Muskaan will be soon reaching Aarti’s house.

Mitegi Laxman Rekha:
Vishesh realizes Kanchan is hiding some big problem from her family. He tries to know if she is troubled by her past. He tries to get friendly with her. Kanchan thinks of the time when someone tried to molest her. Kanchan reacts angrily and slaps Vishesh. She scolds him and asks him not to attempt of making any friendly terms with her. She misunderstands his intentions, knowing he is cheating Baldev and everyone. Kanchan gets to know Sheetal and Jaggi’s love story, which Vishesh is supporting. She is against Sheetal’s love, as Baldev isn’t ready to accept Jaggi. Vishesh explains Kanchan that caste doesn’t matter in love, Baldev has to accept Jaggi so that Sheetal always stays happy in her life. He asks Kanchan to support Sheetal if she really cares for her happiness. Vishesh interacts with Kanchan more. He realizes he is falling in love with Kanchan.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
Ira refuses to tell Akhilesh about her child’s father. She keeps it a big secret. Devina grows curious to know what is Ira hiding and why. Devina gets a plan to visit Ira’s doctor and know if the child’s father’s name entry is done in the medical file. Devina is sure to find the details from the hospital. Even Akhilesh reaches the hospital in disguise to check Ira’s medical reports. He wants to know if someone has cheated Ira and left her in a pregnant state, that she isn’t ready to reveal the man’s identity. Akhilesh spots Devina in the hospital and hides from her. He stops Devina from getting any information to protect Ira’s image. Ira feels helpless as she can’t share her problem with anyone.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Majaaz gets a hefty offer from a minister, who shows his interest in buying Majaaz’s press. Majaaz sticks to his ethics and refuses to the offer. He stays content with his financial problems, as he is standing with the truth. Madiha gets upset with Majaaz and wants him to secure their daughter’s future. She asks Majaaz to accept the offer so that they can keep the money for Meher and Mahira’s marriages. Majaaz disagrees with her. He asks her to understand what his press means to him.

Mayavi Maling:

Maharaj Shil Aditya tries to find his best friend Trishanku. He isn’t aware that Madhumali has already killed Trishanku and got a zombie figure to Maling in Trishanku’s disguise. She sends Trishanku’s zombie with Adhivanth at a secure place, where no one can find him. She doesn’t want Maharaj Shil Aditya to learn the truth. Chegu makes a plan to stop Angad and Pranali’s wedding, when Pranali fails to escape from the palace. Pranali seeks help from Haran in order to run away from Maling. She gets caught up by Madhumali. Angad reaches the mandap and gets happy that Maling throne will come to him immediately once he marries Pranali. Angad’s dreams shatter when Chegu arrives with a master plan to expose Angad.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kirti gets a big order. She gets too happy. Kirti completes the order and shares the news with Naira and Naitik. Kirti tells Naitik that the family helped her in the urgent order, the family took half of her tensions. Naksh serves tea to everyone. He learns Naira had called them. Naksh tells them that he will talk to Naira later. Devyaani tells him that Naira appeared happy, she said Naitik is taking care of her well, if they are happy in Mumbai, they should stay there itself till Naira wants. Naksh gets upset with Naitik for just thinking about Naira.

Savitri Devi:

Veer makes a special plan for his family. Kabir is upset with Sanchi. Kabir asks Sanchi not to agree with Veer’s outing plan. Veer tells Sanchi that he has planned the surprise, as Jaya has sanctioned their leave. Sanchi asks Veer to go with the family, she will join him in some time. Veer finds Kabir interfering. He gives Kabir a solid answer. Sanchi asks Sunny to take care of himself, as there are enemies around. Veer says I know Kabir worries for Sunny a lot, but nothing will go wrong by an outing. Sanchi is blackmailed by Kabir. She is happy that her brother is fine. She is making sacrifices for his good future and happiness.


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