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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
    Mariam’s family prepares for Ramadan fasting. Aijaz thinks Mariam didn’t wake up till now. The family finds Mariam waiting for them for Seher and gets glad. Aijaz likes the surprise. They have the Sehri together. Mariam gets adamant that she will also keep the fast. Madiha says you are too young, you can’t keep the fast. Mariam asks Majaaz to permit her in keeping the fast. She says I m also a fairy, I can keep the fast. Majaaz doesn’t help her. Mariam asks Majaaz to convince Madiha. Madiha asks Mariam not to spoil everyone’s mood now. Mariam does a mistake which troubles Aijaz during his fast.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik fails Naira in the test. She understands that he is venting out his anger. Tanvi tells Naira that she will complain about Kartik and make him realize his mistake. She is sure that Naira passed the test. Tanvi complains against Kartik. Naira learns Kartik is their new trustee. Kartik tells Naira that her paper was spoiled by coffee, so he has asked her for the re-test, he couldn’t read her answers. He justifies that he didn’t do anything wrong. He gives Naira the questions for the re-test. Naira and Kartik find each other hurt. They reminisce their memories. Manish happens to see news. Suwarna worries for Kartik. She asks Manish if there is any problem going on. Manish asks her not to worry. She feels something wrong is going to happen. Sudhir asks Naitik to talk to Naira and not let her academic year get waste.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ruhi comes as an angel for Ishita again. She tackles Raman’s friend, who wants to file a case against Ishita. Raman tells his friend that Ishita is not at fault. His friend reminds him how Ishita has killed Adi. Ishita faces Raman’s hatred again. She gets angry and doesn’t care whatever Raman and his friend do. She doesn’t tell the matter to Roshni. Roshni understands that Ishita is tensed and troubled by something. Mrs. Bhalla cooks food for her sons. Simmi argues with her to make food first. The family drama goes on. Mihika tells Mrs. Bhalla that Romi was stressed about office work, there is nothing to worry about. She hides the fact that Romi is buying a new house and has decided to move out. Shagun and Mani decide to meet the guy and know if the guy can keep Aaliya happy. Shagun asks Mani how did Ishita reach the cafe and convince Aaliya.

    Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

    Amyra falls in a panicking situation when her friends ask her to sing. Amyra tells her friends that she will play her recorded song. She finds Kulfi around, who helps her by singing. Amyra does lip syncing and wins everyone’s praise. Kulfi gives her voice to Amyra once again. Kulfi learns the truth of Lovely using her voice for Amyra’s success. Lovely gets happy seeing Amyra managing in between her friends. She finds Kulfi crying and feels a moment of connection with her. She wonders if she is doing wrong with Kulfi. She thanks Kulfi. Kulfi tells Lovely that there wasn’t any need to lie, she likes singing and can sing for Amyra’s sake too. Kulfi thinks Lovely is using her voice and talents for her own selfish motives. She misses out the true people of her village.

    feels she should leave from Sikandar’s house. She wonders if it will be right to return to her village. She packs her bags. She bids a farewell to the servants, who are good and truly love her. She makes a prayer before leaving. She finds Sikandar coming home in drunken state. She asks Sikandar not to drink too much, else the music will go away from his life. Sikandar gets angry on her and asks her how can she comment on him. Kulfi tells him about Goddess Saraswati. Her innocent talk makes Sikandar happy. He challenges her to sing if she can, if she knows much about music and rhythm. Kulfi sings out in the perfect way and impresses Sikandar. He asks her to sing the song which Amyra has sung in the concert. Sikandar and Kulfi have a singing session. He realizes the bundle of talents hidden in Kulfi.


    Anika meets Lallan, the man behind her designer sandals. She asks Lallan to have tea. She introduces Shivay. She tells Shivay that Lallan is the maker of her footwear. He asks her why did she call him home, they are rich and they can call any shoe designer home. Anika tells him that she is still the same and believes in saving the money. She bargains and buys the sandals for a cheap rate. Shivay asks Anika not to embarrass him by bargaining. Anika asks him not to meddle up. She tries the slippers. Shivay tells her that its not good to bargain with a poor man. She tells him that money shouldn’t affect their relationship. Rishabh sees their cute love fights and suggests that they should come for a radio show. He insists Shivika to come for a talk. He asks them to debate like always, the listeners will really like them. Shivay asks Anika how did she find Rishabh. She feels Rishabh loves Rakesh a lot. She finds him a nice guy.

    Mayavi Maling:
    Eshwarya makes a plan to get Chegu’s safe entry in the palace. Garima helps out Eshwarya. They get glad that Chegu didn’t get caught. Eshwarya asks Garima not to reveal anything. Eshwarya distracts the guards and helps Chegu hide in the palace. Chegu doesn’t fall in Madhumali’s trap. The miraculous ice melts down when Chegu passes by. Chegu learns Madhumali’s plans and stops the bell from ringing. He doesn’t let the evil guards get alert. He hides from everyone and reaches the mandap to expose Madhumali and Angad’s true face of Daanav Vanshis.

    Jiji Maa:

    Uttara takes Suyash to the temple, where she has called Falguni for a meet. She then emotionally tortures Suyash by her planning. She tells him that she has made a big mannat for his welfare and wants to accept pain. Pandit reveals to Suyash that Uttara is going to walk on the glass pieces. Suyash asks her not to do anything such. She tells him that she can feel his pain and wants to pray for his happiness. Suyash keeps his hand under her feet and saves her from the pain. Falguni cries seeing Suyash in pain. She feels everything is happening because of her. Uttara sends Suyash to the hospital. She asks Falguni to see what she can do with Suyash if Falguni interferes in her life.


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