Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kulfi to reveal her blood ties with Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala receives a surprising good news

Sikandar and Kulfi are together in an emotional moment. Kulfi tells the truth to Sikandar. She breaks down and tells the entire truth to Sikandar. He shatters on knowing Kulfi’s truth. He learns that Amyra has snatched Kulfi’s voice. He tells her that he will get her rights and fame which she deserves. He hugs her and expresses intense emotions. His heart melts seeing her innocence. Her words touch his heart. He feels proud of her. He asks her from which village did she come from. She then tells him that she is Nimrat’s daughter, she used to live with her uncle after mum’s death, her uncle dropped her to the train station and missed to accompany her. Sikandar stays drunk and tired. Till she tells about his background and family, he falls asleep. Kulfi finds him asleep and hugs him. She takes care of him and obtains his blessings by touching his feet.

Amyra puts Kulfi in trouble again. Amyra learns that Kulfi has exposed her lie completely. She decides to punish Kulfi. Lovely gets angry knowing Kulfi has sung the song in front of Sikandar. She reminds Kulfi the promise and asks her the reason for breaking the promise. Kulfi tells them that she didn’t mean to let them down. Amyra does stupid things and makes Kulfi’s hands glued. Kulfi makes an apology to them.


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