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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Kartik and Naira’s romance will be seen as part of a dream sequence. Naira would dream of Kartik, while attending the class and observing his annoyance. She wishes Kartik leaves his adamancy and talks to her once to know her side of the story. She wants a chance to explain herself in Shubham’s matter. Kartik keeps his promise to Suwarna and doesn’t talk to Naira.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi misunderstands Pragya’s silence as her deceive. He feels shattered to think of their happy moments and the fact that Pragya is now wedded to King. Pragya and Abhi have much to say to each other. They stay silent and just reminisce their past. They think of their separation, which gets painful. Abhi stays drunk to live with Pragya’s memories.

Soumya and Harman will be coming face to face. Soumya visits the house. She sees some goons taking a person and assumes that Harman got trapped. Soumya runs to save his life. She doesn’t want Harman’s life to fall in danger. Soumya gets shot by the goons. Raavi looks for Jeet, who is caught up by the goons. She finally finds Soumya, but in an injured state. Raavi then tries to help Soumya. Soumya has got the bullet while saving Harman from the attack. She has proved her love once again. Raavi shouts out to the family to come out and help them. Sameer reaches there and takes Soumya with her. He tells Raavi that he is taking Soumya to the hospital. Sameer leaves with Soumya, while Harman and family fail to see her once again. Raavi tells Harman about the guy who took Soumya for the treatment.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Kulfi loosens her hair and tells herself that she shouldn’t forget that she is a girl. She gets the hair oil to massage her hair and take care of herself, as Nimrat used to do. She gets happy to get back to her girl avatar again. She sings a song and dances. She gets the sticky oil, which joins her hands. She thinks what’s mixed in the hair oil that her hands got glued. She asks Lord to help her, she was helping herself. Lovely comes to shout on her. Kulfi hears her and covers herself with a towel. Lovely scolds Kulfi for hurting Amyra’s heart. She doesn’t know what is Amyra doing with Kulfi. She is upset that Sikandar will leave her and support Kulfi. She scolds Kulfi for singing in front of Sikandar. Kulfi has to stay careful of Amyra.

Tu Aashiqui:

Reyansh roams in the house being happy that no one knows his truth that he is JD. He happens to see Sheetal removing the garlands from his photo frame. He gets a doubt and wonders if Sheetal knows his identity truth. Sheetal gears up to expose Reyansh and tell the family that JD is alive, and back in the family. Reyansh/JD feels its a big risk if anyone knows his truth, he doesn’t want to lose Pankti. He decides to do something to shut up Sheetal once again. Meanwhile, Pankti gets worried for Poorva, knowing the latter had attempted suicide. She tries to know what’s bothering Poorva so much.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Its a testing time for Ishita again. Bhallas reach Roshni to take her home. Shagun and Aaliya dislike their move, but go with Bhallas to meet Roshni. Ishita refuses to send Roshni with Raman. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to let them get happiness, after she has snatched everything from them. She reminds Ishita how to keep relationships. Ishita gets helpless and thinks of Roshni’s sentiments. She asks them to think of Roshni’s feelings, they didn’t care for Roshni’s life till now and now they are showing much interest. She finds the family selfish to come ahead for the baby’s sake. Bhallas get the Godh-Bharai rasam shagun for Roshni. Mrs. Bhalla tells Roshni that she wants to do the rasam at her home. Ishita tells her that only Roshni will be deciding for the baby.

Meera falls in tension, while she tries to expose Roma. The phone gets off when she had to show the evidence to Vivaan. Vivaan asks Meera not to be careless and look after herself. He helps her out. Roma asks Meera to abort the baby. Meera finds Roma’s tactics cheap. Vivaan tells Roma that just the baby’s parents have a right to decide. He doesn’t want Meera to abort the baby. Meera gets surprised with his decision when he takes a stand for her. She feels sorry to lie to him about her pregnancy. She decides to tell him the truth. Vivaan falls asleep and doesn’t listen to her. Roma will be knowing Meera’s lie and expose her to make her fall in Vivaan’s eyes again.


Suraj gets jealous of Vivaan and Chakor’s friendship. He finds them dancing near the shade and takes their class as they have disrespected him in front of the entire family. Suraj smashes water on Chakor’s face and gets her back to senses. She gets out of her intoxicated state. Suraj shows her a clip of her madness and tells her that he will not tolerate this further. He asks her to get over Imli and forget the matter. He brings Chakor home and gives her a final warning. He asks her to be ready to end the relation if she continues searching for Imli. Chakor fails to prove herself and cries. Vivaan then informs Suraj that Chakor has taken Saanvi with her in anger and she has lost her sanity.

Superhit Episode of Piyaa Albela:
Naren and Pooja will be seen in their own version of Beauty and the Beast. Naren gets drunk and misbehaves with Pooja. He turns mad and hurts Pooja, while she was waiting for him for a puja. She reminds him that its Karwachauth today. An angel appears there and explains Naren his mistake. He then curses Naren for his indecent behavior. Naren will be taking disguises. Pooja will be transforming him into a good human by her love.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai: Siddhant doubts on Rao ji for Prabhakar’s murder and thinks KK is involved somewhere in the murder. He gets Prabhakar’s resignation letter which he wrote for KK and gets shocked. He comes to Rao ji’s house and checks for the rare poison which might have used on the book to kill Prabhakar. He gets a medicine bottle in the drawer. Just then Rao ji comes there. Anushka is happy that Siddhant will talk about their alliance to KK. Prabhakar’s death truth shatters Siddhant.

Savitri Devi:

Dr. Kabir gets Police take Sunny to Police station for questioning. Sanchi and Jaya get tensed. Dr. Kabir is angry with Sanchi and blames her for stealing the phone which had the proofs against Sunny. He blackmails Sanchi and asks her if she understands now what he can do if she tries to go against him. Veer listens to them and sees Dr. Kabir threatening and blackmailing Sanchi. Sanchi gets shocked on seeing Veer. He doesn’t get to know the matter.

Bitti Business Wali: Bitti realizes Mahi is a good guy although he is a contractor. Mahi apologizes to her and promises to support her. Abhishek gets jealous seeing them together and confronts Bitti. Bitti realizes Abhishek is a possessive and narrow thinking guy who pretends to be good with her. She gets in dilemma what to do, whether to marry Abhishek or not? Mahi helps Bitti and gives her business ideas.

Kasam: Kritika doesn’t want to see Ranbir’s face and thinks he is forcefully staying in someone’s house and claiming his rights on it wrongfully as Malishka tells her wrong about Ranbir and Balraj. Ranbir gets sure that Kritika loves him madly and want to marry him. He falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Pummy questions Arun if he has any daughter or son from his other marriage. Arun is speechless. Pummy looks at Kritika and asks if she is his daughter? Kritika and Arun get tensed.


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