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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
    Bulbul gets blamed for Aaliya’s kidnapping. Aaliya’s parents tell Vijay that his wife is responsible for kidnapping Aaliya. Vijay gets stuck in the mess created by Bulbul. Bulbul is innocent. She was just trying to save Aaliya. Vijay and Agastya are worried. They try to find the girl and know the truth. They visit Aaliya’s house and get scolding from her parents. Aaliya’s mum tells Vijay that he should know that kidnapping is a legal crime. She asks him if he accepts Bulbul’s crime, how can Bulbul take away their girl. She sheds tears for her daughter. She tells the problems they faced to get Aaliya educated. Vijay can’t believe that Bulbul has done this.

    He says maybe Aaliya got kidnapped by someone else, he will help them find her. He doubts on Aaliya’s parents, when they refuse to file a police complaint. Agastya tells Vijay that Aaliya’s dad has lied to them, the matter is something else, there is more than they are seeing. Vijay trusts Bulbul a lot. He is sure that she can’t do anything wrong. He doesn’t want Bulbul to fall in any trouble.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ruhi and Pihu hope that Raman and Ishita meet. Raman hires a taxi driver to go to Jaipur. Ishita gets the same taxi. They get into an argument over boarding the taxi. The driver asks them to share the ride if they have to reach Jaipur in time. He gets stuck between their fight. Raman and Ishita find another chance to argue like usual. They cook up the driver by their non stop fights. The driver gets happy when he learns a news of his daughter’s birth. He apologizes to them and tells them that he can’t drop them to Jaipur, he has to go home and meet his wife. They congratulate the driver. Raman asks the driver for lending his car. He pays the money and asks him to keep his card if he has any doubt. He gets the car and plans to go alone, by leaving Ishita on the roads. She tries hard to get a taxi.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Chegu loses the power to strike Angad again. He manages to escape from the wedding hall, so that he can secure himself from Madhumali’s magic. Madhumali accuses Pranali for running away from the wedding. She tries to distract everyone by accusing Pranali. Maharaj Shil Aditya stays determined to stop the marriage. Chegu returns with his revived powers. He attacks on Angad again. Angad defends his attack. He then pulls Madhumali in front of him and gets saved. She gets left with no option than to use her cold powers to blow off Chegu’s fire strength. Madhumali uses her powers and proves that she is a Daanav Vanshi. Her truth comes out, which shocks everyone.


    Shivay gets depressed that Rakesh is no more. The family mourns for Rakesh, as they didn’t imagine Rakesh will leave the world at an young age. Anika tells them that Rishabh is in bad state since Rakesh left. Shivay tells them that Rakesh was murdered by Rishabh. He reveals that Rakesh has predicted his death and has openly asked for help. They don’t believe him. Anika tells Shivay that Rishabh was with them at the radio station when Rakesh died. They think Rishabh loved Rakesh a lot. Shivay tells them that he is feeling guilty as he couldn’t help Rakesh. He wants to find the truth and get Rishabh punished. He asks Bhavya to help him. Bhavya promises to punish Rakesh’s murderer. Obros get together on the task.

    Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
    Kulfi and Amyra have a fight about the pet. Amyra gets angry that Kulfi is having Johny with her all the time. She beats up Kulfi. Sikandar stops Amyra and explains her mistake. He wisely makes them understand that fighting is bad. Amyra takes Johny with her. Kulfi understands Sikandar, but Amyra feels bad. Sikandar finds hard to balance his love between children. He makes sure that they don’t get insecure. Amyra asks him why is he taking Kulfi’s side. She gets jealous. She thinks Kulfi sings well, so her dad is taking her side. He knows Kulfi’s talents. He wants Kulfi and Amyra to stay with love. He tells Amyra that even if she is his daughter, he will point out when she is wrong, she can’t hurt Kulfi this way. He then pacifies Amyra. He asks Amyra to have a healthy competition with Kulfi, work hard and succeed.

    Jiji Maa:

    Niyati asks Falguni to stay careful till Uttara gets exposed. Falguni tells her that she isn’t happy, as she fears for Suyash’s pain. Niyati tells her that they have to bring the truth out and do the rightful thing. Falguni wants to end Suyash’s doubt about Lazer. Uttara looks for the video CD. She knows Lazer is vert clever. She doesn’t doubt on Niyati. She thinks Lazer is fooling Niyati. She gets the video CD, but Vidhaan doesn’t let her check the video, as its a surprise. Jayant compliments Uttara. Niyati and Falguni wait for the video to play. Suyash keeps an eye on Falguni aka Lazer. Falguni acts smart and doesn’t accept the juice. She drinks wine instead. She then performs in front of the guests and creates a scene, which shocks Suyash. He gets convinced that Lazer can’t be Falguni.

    Niyati stops Falguni. She tells them that she wants to present a video in front of everyone. The CD gets replaced on the right time. Uttara gets happy that she got saved. Niyati and Falguni’s plan get failed. Uttara catches hold of Lazer and faints her down. She hands over Lazer to Balwant and asks him to kill her. She doesn’t want to leave any evidence. Suyash asks Uttara to attend the party. She doesn’t let Suyash see Lazer. Niyati and Vidhaan get busy with the media response. Niyati tries to find Falguni. Falguni finds herself caught by Uttara and Balwant. Uttara threatens to kill Lazer if she tries to come in her way again. She offers money to Lazer and asks her to run for her life. Falguni refuses to accept her offer. She fights with Balwant. Uttara takes the gun to shoot at Lazer and end her chapter.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Naira and Kartik deal with their old memories. Naira finishes the assignment. She doesn’t want Kartik to point out her weakness in the class. Kartik makes special notes for the weak students. He thinks of Naira who isn’t aware of the management basics. Kirti fails to get help for completing the order. Devyaani tells Naksh about the wrong order. She tells him that Kirti is stressed about the order. Naksh asks Kirti to leave the order. Kirti tells him that its their mistake, and its their duty to complete the order. Naira imagines Kartik helping her in completing the assignment in a romantic way. She misses him and finds her around. Kartik too thinks of her and imagines a romantic moment with Naira. She asks him not to be so rude towards her. He wishes her all the best and tells her that he will always be with her. They are lost in each other’s thoughts.


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