Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar to turn protective for Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi and Sikandar's big emotional let down

Kulfi loosens her hair and tells herself that she shouldn’t forget that she is a girl. She gets the hair oil to massage her hair and take care of herself, as Nimrat used to do. She gets happy to get back to her girl avatar again. She sings a song and dances. She gets the sticky oil, which joins her hands. She thinks what’s mixed in the hair oil that her hands got glued. She asks Lord to help her, she was helping herself. Lovely comes to shout on her. Kulfi hears her and covers herself with a towel. Lovely scolds Kulfi for hurting Amyra’s heart. She doesn’t know what is Amyra doing with Kulfi. She is upset that Sikandar will leave her and support Kulfi. She scolds Kulfi for singing in front of Sikandar. Kulfi has to stay careful of Amyra.

Kulfi and Amyra have a fight about the pet. Amyra gets angry that Kulfi is having Johny with her all the time. She beats up Kulfi. Sikandar stops Amyra and explains her mistake. He wisely makes them understand that fighting is bad. Amyra takes Johny with her. Kulfi understands Sikandar, but Amyra feels bad.

Sikandar finds hard to balance his love between children. He makes sure that they don’t get insecure. Amyra asks him why is he taking Kulfi’s side. She gets jealous. She thinks Kulfi sings well, so her dad is taking her side. He knows Kulfi’s talents. He wants Kulfi and Amyra to stay with love. He tells Amyra that even if she is his daughter, he will point out when she is wrong, she can’t hurt Kulfi this way. He then pacifies Amyra. He asks Amyra to have a healthy competition with Kulfi, work hard and succeed. He turns protective for Kulfi.


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