ChandraShekhar (PicFiction): Azad plans a big action to free Bismil


Chandra/Azad plans to kidnap Hamilton to build pressure on the British Officials for freeing Bismil and other HRA members. Chandra loses out his patience, when Bhagat explains him the alternative of applying a mercy plea to save their friends. Chandra tells Bhagat that they shouldn’t believe the Britishers ever, as they will just act of considering the plea and then hang down HRA members. He doesn’t want to take any risk with Bismil’s life. He thinks of the time when Bismil taught him proceeding on the path of justice. He wants to keep his promise to Bismil by never getting caught. Chandra takes a new disguise and turns into a British policeman to reach Hamilton. He then takes Hamilton to his place.

The Britisher officers panic when they learn about Hamilton’s disappearance. Chandra’s move creates a havoc in the city. Bhagat and Rudra file the mercy plea. They don’t want Chandra to take any action without a well thought. Bhagat goes to stop Chandra from kidnapping Hamilton. ChandraShekhar Azad and Bhagat adapt different ways to save HRA members.

Chandra abducts Hamilton only to make the British Officials agree to him. He sends a threatening letter to John Nott. The police devises a plan to deal with Azad. John doesn’t want to bend down in front of Azad. He asks the cops to capture Azad. Bismil meets his friends and tells them that they shall see a free nation vert soon. He has all the hopes from Azad. He regrets to part away with his friends.


Azad doesn’t get arrested. Chandra demands the release of his friends. John doesn’t want to free anyone. He knows Hamilton’s life is in risk. He tells the cops that Azad has planned this beforehand, and now they will do anything to find Hamilton. He wants to release the letter to the press and prove Azad as a wrong figure. He wants to find away to fail Chandra. Chandra shows his humanity by feeding Hamilton.

Bhagat doesn’t like Chandra’s move. He tells Hamilton that he has been brought here for some motive. He tells Chandra that his way to kidnap the judge is wrong. Chandra is sure that Hamilton’s kidnapping will make them win the release of their friends. Bhagat tells them that they shouldn’t walk on the path of violence. He tells them that they have a right to achieve their freedom. He asks Chandra not to hurt Hamilton. Chandra and Bhagat have an argument, which gets witnessed by Hamilton. Bhagat requests Chandra to change his approach. Chandra asks Bhagat not to teach him, as he knows he is doing right. Hamilton seems to get influenced by their talk. Chandra makes a risky move. The Britishers discuss Azad’s attempt to fail them. They decide to not bend in front of Azad’s demand. Chandra gets a shock knowing Hamilton has escaped. He gets angry on Bhagat for trusting the Britishers. He tells Bhagat that he can’t see Bismil’s death. Bhagat fears for Chandra’s bad prediction to turn true.


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