Meri Hanikarak Biwi (PicFiction): Akhilesh’s silly move to put Ira in trouble


Akhilesh determines to find Ira’s child’s father just because he cares for her. He doesn’t want Ira to get ditched by someone. He tells Ira that he is just interested to know about her lover, so that he can unite them. He has good intentions, but Ira doesn’t like it. She asks him not to interfere in his life. She stays aloof from him. Akhilesh searches for her lover Raj Kiran. She doesn’t learn his plan. The family comes back home when Akhilesh accuses a man for cheating Ira. Akhilesh then handles the matter and lies to them that he wanted to celebrate with Ira for the good news she gave them. Akhilesh and Ira perform dance on a romantic song. They come closer.

Akhilesh hides his feelings from Ira. She feels guilty to cheat him. Akhilesh then spies on Ira, and finds her talking to someone. He catches a person and scolds her for impregnating Ira.

Devina and Pushpa witness the shocking drama. They learn about Akhilesh’s suspicion on the man, which proves that Akhilesh didn’t father Ira’s child. Devina creates a big scene and accuses Ira for having an extra marital affair. She asks Ira about the father of the child. Ira gets humiliated in front of everyone. She gets speechless to reveal the child’s name. Akhilesh’s doing proves to Pushpa that Ira has really cheated them. He didn’t wish Ira to get trapped this way. Everyone demands an answer from Ira.



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