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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Udaan: Chakor has landed in mental asylum, as she has failed to prove Imli’s existence. Imli celebrates her victory and feels she has defeated Chakor forever. She dresses like Imli Devi again. She returns to her old avatar. She gets happy to win over Chakor finally. She feels her plan was the ultimate one, which Chakor couldn’t crack. She says I got the haveli in my hands, Chakor’s life has become a hell, I will make Saanvi a bandhua and also everyone else in this village, Aazaadgunj will be ruled by Imli Devi once again. Imli laughs loud. She gets a shock when she hears a lullaby, which Chakor used to sing in childhood. She gets moved when Chakor comes in front of her and appears normal. Chakor holds Imli and sings the lullaby further to infuriate Imli.

Krishna Chali London:

Radhe reaches his in-laws to pick up Krishna after her Pagphere rasam. His sweet nature makes him win everyone’s heart. Dubey and family welcome Radhe and treat him with much love. Krishna doesn’t respect Radhe as he has lied to her. Dubey asks Radhe to let Krishna stay with them for some time. Radhe likes to stay with in-laws. They ask Radhe to live with them for a couple of days. Radhe tells Dubey that his mum has instructed him to come back soon. Radhe calls his mum to take her permission and asks her if he can stay with Krishna in her house. Radhe then gets permission from Shukla. Shukla tells them that Radhe is useless, there is no problem if Dubey keeps Radhe. He asks Radhe to return only with Krishna.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer gets disheartened knowing Zara’s life was in danger. He apologizes to her as she has faced so much problems in her life because of their relation. He hugs her and feels sorry for all his annoyance. He tells her that he loves her a lot and can’t think of losing her. He says Ruksar tried to kill my wife, I would have forgiven all her mistakes, but I will not spare her for this big crime. He showers love on Zara. He expresses that she is an important part of his life, though he doesn’t say it often, but he values her a lot, he will not let injustice happen with them.


There will be big revelations about Soumya. Harak Singh gets angry and shouts that Sameer was cheating them till now. The family learns Sameer’s planning, that he was misleading Harman and Jasleen till now. Harman gets mad knowing this. They learn that Soumya was living at Sameer’s house. Harman beats up Sameer angrily and asks him about Soumya. Sameer tells him that Soumya has left his house. Harman doesn’t believe him. Preeto tells Harman that she will also meet Sameer and know the truth. Preeto, Harman and Jasleen meet Sameer and his mum. Sameer’s mum asks them why did they come again, when Sameer has already told them that Soumya is not here. Preeto requests them to tell them about Soumya.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Sikandar plans to cheer up Amyra. He wants Amyra to understand the difference between right and wrong, and make her walk on the right path. He wants Amyra to become a big singer by her talents, not by cheat or lies. He tells her that she can’t steal anyone’s talent and voice, she will never get success by adapting a wrong way. He calms down Amyra’s anger. He tells her that he will teach her singing and make her a star as she dreams. He wants her to get success by her hard work. She gets happy when he promises to help her. He teaches her singing. He asks her to sing along. Kulfi happens to overhear their conversation.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya’s moments of eternal love will be seen once again. They yearn for each other. Abhi unknowingly hurts Pragya and questions her about hurting him by marrying someone else. He can’t understand why Pragya has married King, if she has forgotten their love.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Naira turn neighbors. He drinks wine and thinks of Naira. He deals with his tensions and sorrow. He wants to sink in wine and forget all the pains. Kartik gets a shock when Naira comes to his flat. Kartik hides the wine bottle from Naira. Kritika tells Kartik that she is happy to have him in her building. She says Naira is the one who was making ginger tea for him that day, but he did wrong to leave without informing her. Kartik and Naira realize their hit and miss. Naira learns that she had helped Kartik that day when he was stuck in the lift. Kritika tells him that he can have the ginger tea any time. She says we are friends and now Naira will also be your friend.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Badi Amma gets fine. She recovers and gets Sahil’s support. Sahil beats up Yash, when the latter vents out his anger. Sahil makes Yash out of the house. Yash feels Badi Amma has regained her lost memory. Badi Amma blesses Sahil and family. Sahil is too happy that Badi Amma has got totally fine. Sahil throws a party to celebrate. Yash spoils the happiness and starts questioning her. Badi Amma does a drama of memory loss and faints down to avoid his questions. Sahil worries for her and calls a doctor for her treatment. He loses his temper on Yash. Yash wants his share in the house. Yash will be taking revenge from Badi Amma.


There will be trouble for Zoya and Aditya. Zoya gives news hopes to Aditya. They are trying to get saved from Rajveer. They reach the village and request the people to give them a shelter. Rajveer reaches the village and threatens the people to handover Zoya and Aditya, who fool Rajveer once again. Rajveer’s search goes on. Aditya feels responsible for all the havoc in Zoya’s life. Zoya asks Aditya to stay positive. Aditya turns caring towards her and apologizes to her. He feels bad seeing her hurt. He wonders why is Rajveer after them when there is no personal enmity.


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