Krishna Chali London: Radhe to enjoy a stay in his Sasural

Krishna Chali London Shocking Radhe to die in an accident

Radhe reaches his in-laws to pick up Krishna after her Pagphere rasam. His sweet nature makes him win everyone’s heart. Dubey and family welcome Radhe and treat him with much love. Krishna doesn’t respect Radhe as he has lied to her. Dubey asks Radhe to let Krishna stay with them for some time. Radhe likes to stay with in-laws. They ask Radhe to live with them for a couple of days. Radhe tells Dubey that his mum has instructed him to come back soon. Radhe calls his mum to take her permission and asks her if he can stay with Krishna in her house. Radhe then gets permission from Shukla. Shukla tells them that Radhe is useless, there is no problem if Dubey keeps Radhe. He asks Radhe to return only with Krishna.

Radhe gets much pampered by the in-laws. He sings a song for Dubey and impresses him. They all find Radhe a good hearted guy. Radhe gets well fed by his two brothers-in-law Pyaare and Dulaare.

Bua tells Krishna that she is very lucky to get a sweet and innocent husband. Krishna gets scolded by Radhe’s mum. She worries. Dubey tells Krishna that he will manage everything. Dubey talks to Radhe’s mum and assures that he will send Radhe and Krishna the next day. Radhe fulfills Krishna’s Pagphere rasam. Radhe imagines a lovely moment with Krishna. They have a sweet romantic dream sequence. Radhe likes Krishna’s family, while she hates his illiterate family members.


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