Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik-Naira to finally break their silence


The ladies in the local train bring Kartik and Naira together. They sing a romantic song and dance with the love birds. Kartik wants to avoid Naira. Kartik and Naira recall their old love moments and get more troubled. Kartik and Naira have a sweet moment, all thanks to their co-passengers. Kartik develops anger because of Shubham’s incident. He sees Tanvi in the same train, and doesn’t want her to know about his relation with Naira. He does a risky act by jumping from the train. Naira is left stunned. She panics for his life. The ladies stop Naira and tell her about Kartik’s wrong move. On the other hand, Kirti fulfills the order and delivers on time. Suwarna tells Kirti that someone from Singhania family has spoken rudely to the delivery guys.

Kirti tells Suwarna that she trusts her family’s elders and knows if they said something, it will be for good. She taunts Suwarna for assuming everyone to be like her. Kirti gives an answer to Suwarna and defends her in-laws. Naira meets Tanvi and informs her about Kartik’s move to jump down the train. She worries for him and asks her to find out about him. Kartik gets late for the class. Principal learns about his injury and asks him how did the accident happen. He tells Kartik that he has got informed by the student. Kartik gets happy to know that Naira cares for him. Principal tells him that Tanvi has informed him about his accident. Kartik gets angry to know that Naira didn’t bother about him, even if he jumped off in front of her.

Suwarna wants to meet Kartik and furnish his flat so that he doesn’t miss the family. Surekha gets upset with Suwarna. Suwarna wants to explain Surekha that she doesn’t like their terms to get bad. She asks Surekha for her changed behavior. Surekha tells Suwarna that its her who has spoiled all the relations. Manish wishes Suwarna changes and accepts Naira back. He misses the happy family.

Naira wishes to see Kartik and know if he is fine. She stays restless. She then finds Kartik and gets relieved. She asks him if he is fine. He scolds her rudely and tells her that she doesn’t care for anyone’s life and death. She asks him not to judge her and learn to trust others. They get into an argument. Naksh and Kirti spend some time admiring each other. They feel lucky to have each other. She asks him to talk to Naira. He states that he is too busy in work, as Naitik isn’t here to manage things. She wishes his annoyance with Naira ends. Kartik gets angry on the students who didn’t complete the assignment. Kunal hits him with a chalk. Kartik suspects it to be Naira and hits back the chalk at Naira, which hits Kunal by mistake. Kunal gets tensed that Kartik knows about his mistake.

Kartik leaves the students with a warning. Naira gets sad seeing Kartik’s change. Tanvi tells Naira that Kartik seems to be cheated by his lover, so he has turned into an angry young man. Suwarna looks for the best flat for Kartik. She selects Naira’s building flat for Kartik. Kartik and Naira meet in the library and hit each other by their ego. They collide and get stuck with each other. Their silence finally breaks. They get into an argument and get sliding their annoyance out. She suggests him to side his anger from his mind. They have a moment.


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