Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika falls in Nidhi’s cunning lie

Aapke Aa Jane Se

Nidhi steals the cash from the safe. Sahil and Vedika catch her red-handed. He taunts Nidhi and takes a selfie with her. He tells her that he will call police and gets her arrested. Nidhi tells Vedika that she is the bahu of the house, and took the cash just to save the assets from Yash, who also holds the locker keys set. She convinces Vedika that she isn’t stealing money. She justifies herself. She tells Vedika that they have to secure their family. Vedika likes Nidhi’s smart move. She finds her right.

Vedika asks Sahil not to call police. She lets Nidhi free. Sahil doubts that Nidhi is not so innocent as she appears. He is waiting for a solid proof against her crimes. Sahil asks Vedika why does she always believe wrong people. He then stays quiet on Vedika’s saying. Nidhi succeeds to take advantage of Vedika’s goodness. Nidhi says I will hand over the money to Badi Amma, this money belongs to her, we won’t know if anyone steals it. Sahil understands Nidhi is lying. He warns her and asks till when will she lie. Vedika takes the locker keys from Nidhi. Sahil has to expose Nidhi in front of Vedika.


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