Ishqbaaz: Khanna’s unexpected love story and kidnapping next


Rishabh’s dog Disco reveals his crime. Shivay tells Rishabh that they understand how he has planned Rakesh’s murder. Oberois scold Rishabh for killing his brother for the sake of money. Rishabh expresses his hatred for his brother, who was much loved by their parents. He didn’t wish to take care of ill Rakesh. He tells them that he had to think about himself, so he had killed Rakesh in an accidental way to reap the profits from the insurance company. He reveals that he has trained Disco to kill Rakesh. Bhavya gets him arrested. Rishabh tells them that he has done this for money, as money is the ultimate thing in the world. Shivay tells him that money isn’t important than relations. Rishabh tells them that money will break their brotherly love as well. Shivay takes his warning light and sends him out of his sight.

Rudra asks Shivay to promise him that money won’t come between them ever. Shivay and Omkara promise their little brother that their relations will always be the same. Shivay asks Anika not to bargain much and embarrass him.

Later on, Omkara tries to bake a cake and ruins the kitchen. Shivay and Rudra reach to help him. They know that Omkara is baking the cake for Gauri. Omkara tells them that the cake has to be perfect as its much important. He reveals that he wants to surprise Gauri by presenting the cake. He tells them that Gauri is staying depressed since the bad incident, so he wants her to forget it and relive her old life. He asks Shivay to help him in making the cake better. He gets sad that he doesn’t have the ingredients in hand.

Shivay asks Rudra to call up Khanna and arrange the things. They find Khanna missing. Shivay tells Rudra that Khanna is busy in some unknown matter. Rudra catches Khanna and asks him if he is distracted by something. Khanna hides the trouble. Shivay scolds Khanna for not getting the ingredients in time. He asks Khanna if there is any problem. Khanna makes an apology. Shivay asks Khanna to stay happy. Shivay tells Omkara that they will make the cake together. The brothers sing as usual and compose the cake their musical way. Anika and Bhavya land in kitchen and catch the Obros having the fun. They join them and play flour holi to have a laugh. Everyone helps Omkara in cheering up Gauri.

They reveal the surprise to her. Gauri gets emotional when Omkara presents the cake. He asks her to keep smiling, as it means a lot to him. Gauri gets a push by his encouragement and turns into Dabanngg Gauri. Omkara and Gauri celebrate happiness once again with their family. Shivay asks Khanna why is he so disturbed. He gets angry and tells Khanna that he will fire him if he commits more mistakes. Obros get attacked by a bunch of people, who pelt stones and hurt them. The men leave them with a warning. Obros get clueless about the attack. Bhavya wants to find the information about the men. Khanna tells them that the attack was meant for him, as he is the root cause of the problem. He asks them not to call police. Shivay asks Khanna what’s his mistake.

Khanna tells them that he got married. Shivay learns that Khanna and his lover eloped and married, by going against the family. Khanna apologizes to them for the trouble. Shivay feels hurt that Khanna didn’t share his problem, when they treat him like a family member. He tells Khanna that he will deal with those enemies in his way. He assures Khanna that he will set everything fine. Khanna tells them that the girl’s family wants to take revenge from him. He reveals that his wife is kidnapped by her family. He regrets that his love story is stuck up. Shivay promises to get his wife back. He tells Khanna that he will meet the girl’s family and convince them. Anika too wishes to accompany him. Till they arguments go on, they get a shocking news about Khanna’s arrest. Obros rush to save Khanna’s life.


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