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Udaan: Chakor meets Imli and finds out if Imli has realized her mistake. Imli always hated Chakor. Chakor loves Imli and asks her to become like before. She asks Imli to change for the good. She wants Imli’s hatred to end. Imli tells Chakor that she can never love the family now, as the family has always hurt her. Chakor and Vivaan ask Imli to shut up, no one will believe her now. Vivaan says you have ignited this fire in my heart. He yells at Chakor. Chakor asks Imli to accept their last chance if she wants. Vivaan tells Chakor that Imli is such a person who can’t be trusted ever. Imli’s freedom and reign are snatched by Chakor. Imli gets restless when she fails to her sister. Imli had been trying all unfair means to win, even then she has lost in front of the good.

Sameer plans to kill Harman, but the latter gets saved because of Soumya’s fast and prayers. Harman also keeps fast and prays for Soumya’s safety and hopes to unite with her. Jeet has made Harman’s life miserable by forcing him constantly to marry Jasleen. He threatens to inform all neighbors about Raavi’s pregnancy and bring disrespect to the house. Preeto asks him to do whatever he wants. Harman and Jasleen make a plan to do a fake marriage just to show Jeet that they are married. They come home as the groom and bride shocking Preeto and surprising many.

Jeet gets happy thinking they got married and plans their trip to Canada. Sameer takes advantage of the situation and shows Jasleen and Harman’s pictures to Soumya, and lies to her that they are married now. Soumya gets sad but wishes for Harman and Jasleen’s happiness. Harman continues to search Soumya. Very soon, Sameer’s real intentions will be revealed in front of Harman and he will challenge Harman not to let Soumya return to him.

Piyaa Albela:

Supriya scolds Naren for doubting on his brother and believing on Anuj and threatens to leave the house, but Pooja stops Naren and refuses to get the test done which will break the house peace. Anuj’s attempt fails badly to expose Angraj. Pooja sees Angraj smiling mischievously signing at Anuj and gets doubtful on his intentions. Anuj keeps gun in Pooja’s purse just for her safety. He turns and sees Naren looking at him. Angraj will kill Anuj in the show. Pooja is seen in white saree waiting for dead body to arrive, and regrets to let Angraj stay in the house which took away her happiness for forever.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:

Kunal and Mauli have a cute moment. Their relation is of love and trust. They are very happy in their marriage. Another marital relation is of Rajdeep and Nandini. Rajdeep scolds Nandini for applying sindoor and ruining the costly saree with the stain. Rajdeep wants Nandini to look good in the party. He tells her that its a big chance for him. He gets ready for the party. He is from a small town, and much greedy for success. He talks madly with Nandini. Nandini’s relation is of a compromise. Nandini is trying hard to keep her relation.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi gets shattered with Pragya’s lie. He asks did you ever love me? Pragya says she meant that when she said that she loves him and their destiny is connected. She asks him to think and says you will realize who is responsible for this situation. Abhi says you didn’t agree to my sayings. Pragya asks him to understand her helplessness and says you had thrown me and got remarried. Abhi tells her that he is unhappy with his second marriage and says he can see how much happy she is with her marriage with King. Pragya tells him that she doesn’t need to ask him what she shall do and she shall not. Abhi says you didn’t listen when you should have listened. He reminds her that he is her husband. Pragya corrects him that he is her ex-husband now.

Tu Aashiqui:

JD shows his true colors to Sheetal once again. JD was living with Dhanrajgir family in disguise of a new identity. He was befriends everyone as Reyansh. Sheetal suspected him and also found a solid evidence against him. Before she could alert Ahaan, Pankti and family, JD meets her and tells her that he knows his truth has come out, but like earlier, she can’t do anything against him. He plays safe and threatens Sheetal of killing Ahaan and Pankti if she reveals his truth to the family. He finds a way to control Sheetal. He tells her that he is always ahead of her and promises to ruin everything if she tries to fail his plan. Sheetal gets worried knowing JD got cautious of her plans. JD lays Ahaan and Pankti in trouble. He makes them get stuck at the hospital so that he can compel Sheetal to obey him.

Kundali Bhagya:

Shrishti tells Preeta that she believes Karan and is sure that something is going on between Prithvi and Sherlyn. She tells that she got doubtful on them a couple of times. Preeta says you started talking like Karan and asks her to keep her nonsense with her. Karan gets upset and tells Preeta that Shrishti is more smart and intelligent than her, and says you have sworn not to see Prithvi’s truth, since you have so many fears. They get into an argument.


Shivay and Anika reach Khanna to help him. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya also reach the village to save Mitali. The people get mad to kill Khanna and bury him alive. Mitali’s family threatens to kill her too. Her brother finds Obros at his house. He tells them that he will burn them alive, they won’t be spared. Obros and their wives fight with the danger for Khanna’s sake. Mitali’s family is against the family. Shivay rescues Khanna and Mitali. Later, Shivay gets really happy as he is expecting a special guest home. Shivay’s childhood friend calls him up and gives the good news that he is arriving soon to meet him. Shivay gets much delighted and tells the family members about his childhood friend Farhan. Omkara and Rudra know Farhan.


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