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TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Roshni gets all the deserved respect from Bhallas. Aaliya gets sidelined. Roshni is carrying Adi’s child, which makes the Bhallas soften their hearts and accept Roshni. Aaliya feels bad thinking they have accepted Adi and Roshni’s illegitimate affair for the sake of the coming baby. She hides her sorrow and thinks about Adi’s big cheat. Aaliya fails to draw in happiness in Roshni’s baby shower ceremony. Bhallas sing and dance on Dhol and express their happiness in Punjabi style. Ishita has approved Roshni’s stay in Bhalla house for the sake of everyone’s happiness. Raman gets grateful to Ishita. The families terms get better with her decision. Raman also calms down and thinks of welcoming Adi’s child.



Harman gets upset that Harak knew Soumya’s truth and still he had hidden the truth from everyone. Harak then tells them that Soumya is at Sameer’s house, and Sameer is the one who lied to them with a hidden agenda. Harman wants Soumya back at any cost. Preeto tells him that everyone can’t understand his love, but the universe will help him unite with Soumya.

Kulffi Kumarr Bajewala:
Kulfi sees Sikandar and Amyra’s happy moment. She gets jealous and wants Sikandar to bond with her the same way. Sikandar asks Amyra to become a good girl. He feels guilty that he didn’t support Amyra before. He wants to tell her that she should learn singing from him and Kulfi. He finds a solution. He tells her that she should have a healthy competition and end all the bad feelings from heart. Sikandar understands Amyra and Kulfi’s jealousy for each other, as they both love him. Kulfi gets sad and misses her dad. She comes to him and turns emotional. She is about to call him dad and stops herself. She fears to lose him. Sikandar loves Amyra a lot and hugs her. He also develops same emotions for Kulfi. He thinks of Nimrat and his daughter. He worries for the future. He is finding his daughter, and doesn’t know Kulfi is in front of his eyes. Kulfi thanks Lord that Amyra understood Sikandar’s teachings and promised to change.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Madiha asks Mariam to polish everyone’s shoes. Mariam tries to polish the shoes. She gets tired. She has got the punishment for a silly mistake. Madiha asks her not to go till she finishes the work. Mariam tells her that she has published Madiha’s picture in the newspaper and made her turn wanted, as no one was concerned for her. Madiha gets upset with her silly things. She asks Mariam why didn’t she consult elders if she gets such stupid thoughts in mind. Mariam justifies that she wanted to make Madiha feel special. Mahira gets a chance to tease Mariam. Madiha asks Meher and Mahira to prepare for the Sehri, as Ramadan is beginning. She asks them to focus on household work, since studies and beauty care aren’t the only important things in a girl’s life. Madiha takes class of all her daughters.


Roma throws Meera out of the house once again. She scolds Meera. She tells Vivaan that Meera is carrying an illegitimate child. She asks Meera to abort the child. She plays evil once again and asks Meera to confess her misdeed. She manipulates everyone. She tells Meera’s family that Meera’s marriage won’t sustain if Meera keeps the baby. Dolly asks Roma not to be harsh on Meera. Vivaan stops Roma’s misbehavior. He supports Meera. He takes a stand for her. He didn’t get love from his parents. He realizes that Meera’s parents love her a lot and are an example for good parents. He respects Meera’s parents and Meera too.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik gets disturbed and drinks alcohol. He doesn’t like depending on alcohol. He doesn’t want Naira’s presence in his life. He is upset with his arguments with Naira in college. Suwarna finds a flat for him, unaware that Naira resides there. She finds the flat spacious and perfect for him. Kartik lands there and then learns that Naira is his neighbor. He was trying to find peace, which gets ruined on seeing her. Kartik and Naira’s annoyance stops them from talking. They end up arguing. Kartik worries and wonders how will we inform Suwarna about Naira. He knows Naira’s name will be hurting Suwarna’s sentiments. KaiRa’s love story will be seen having a repetition. Destiny brings them together.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Nidhi steals the cash from the safe. Sahil and Vedika catch her red-handed. He taunts Nidhi and takes a selfie with her. He tells her that he will call police and gets her arrested. Nidhi tells Vedika that she is the bahu of the house, and took the cash just to save the assets from Yash, who also holds the locker keys set. She convinces Vedika that she isn’t stealing money. She justifies herself. She tells Vedika that they have to secure their family. Vedika likes Nidhi’s smart move. She finds her right.


Imli has got exposed in front of Suraj and entire family. Chakor and Vivaan have finally proved it that Imli is really alive, and they weren’t mad to just believe her existence. Suraj feels deeply sorry for not trusting Chakor before. He apologizes to her for insulting their love this way by not keeping the marriage vows. He asks Chakor to forgive him once, he will not spare Imli and not let her enter their lives. He promises to secure Chakor, Saanvi and their family. Suraj and Chakor spend some time in sorting their differences, while Vivaan heads to Imli to teach her a lesson. He thinks the time has come when he has to settle scores with his wife.


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