Jiji Maa: Uttara attempts to destroy the evidences

Jiji Maa Uttara to snatch Falguni's child

Falguni gifts a photo collage to Suyash, which freshens the memories in his mind. He gets happy for a while and thinks of his anger over Falguni’s cheat. She assumes their relations will get fine. He vents out anger by throwing the photo break. He shatters her gift and also her feelings. She cries seeing his hatred. Suyash gets upset with her. He doesn’t want her to stay with him in the same room. Falguni compels Uttara to make her relations fine with Suyash and Niyati. Uttara laughs on her wishes. Falguni blackmails her about Lazer’s murder video. She asks Uttara to make her way to Suyash’s heart. Uttara unwillingly agrees to her. She talks to Suyash and asks him to move on in live with Falguni, rather than hurting himself by holding the past. Falguni seeks her help to get back in Suyash’s room.

Uttara praises Falguni in front of Suyash so that his mindset changes. She convinces him to reconcile with Falguni. Suyash asks her for some time. Uttara gets angry on Falguni’s threatening.

Falguni gets back in her room and tries to help Suyash. They have a moment. Niyati tells Falguni that she is upset to hate her and do the drama in front of Uttara. Falguni tells Niyati that they will soon get over Uttara’s cheat and have a happy life. They begin acting on seeing Uttara. Falguni asks Uttara to explain Niyati. Uttara asks Niyati to forgive Falguni. Niyati refuses. Uttara takes Falguni’s phone and puts it in the microwave to burst it. Falguni realizes Uttara has gone with the proof. She finds her phone damaged. She asks Uttara what did she do. Uttara gets happy that all the proof got destroyed. Falguni then reveals to her that she has copies of the recording in other phones too. Uttara receives a shock. Falguni fails her again. She asks Uttara not to waste her time in breaking her phones. She reveals her plan of framing Uttara in her own plan.


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