Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Nandini to miss out love in her marriage

Silsila: New friendship twist indicating Nandini

Kunal and Mauli have a cute moment. Their relation is of love and trust. They are very happy in their marriage. Another marital relation is of Rajdeep and Nandini. Rajdeep scolds Nandini for applying sindoor and ruining the costly saree with the stain. Rajdeep wants Nandini to look good in the party. He tells her that its a big chance for him. He gets ready for the party. He is from a small town, and much greedy for success. He talks madly with Nandini. Nandini’s relation is of a compromise. Nandini is trying hard to keep her relation.

Rajdeep doesn’t understand the value of sindoor. He just cares for her looks and image. He calls her illiterate. He asks her to come for the meeting, he will manage everything. Kunal and Mauli’s relation is much sweet like of kids. They are friends first and then life partners. They get annoyed and make up to each other in their lovey dovey ways. She pulls his leg. He runs away with her favorite novel to tease her. Their cute fights go on.


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