Udaan: Chakor to attempt a tough task of reforming Imli

Udaan: Imli to claim her positive entry

Chakor meets Imli and finds out if Imli has realized her mistake. Imli always hated Chakor. Chakor loves Imli and asks her to become like before. She asks Imli to change for the good. She wants Imli’s hatred to end. Imli tells Chakor that she can never love the family now, as the family has always hurt her. Chakor and Vivaan ask Imli to shut up, no one will believe her now. Vivaan says you have ignited this fire in my heart. He yells at Chakor. Chakor asks Imli to accept their last chance if she wants. Vivaan tells Chakor that Imli is such a person who can’t be trusted ever. Imli’s freedom and reign are snatched by Chakor. Imli gets restless when she fails to her sister. Imli had been trying all unfair means to win, even then she has lost in front of the good.

Imli didn’t spare Vivaan too. Vivaan tells her that he just wants to take her life, he will not come in her words, he will end all her evil intentions today. Suraj tries to stop Vivaan. Vivaan asks Suraj not to come in between today, Imli has to get punished, even Lord can’t stop him today. Suraj asks Vivaan not to get mad.

Chakor changes Imli’s get up and turns her into a simple girl like she was years ago. She says this is my sweet and loving sister, why did you hate me, what was the reason for your hatred, what did I do wrong with you that has driven you towards the wrong path. She wants to know what has made Imli so evil. Imli tells Chakor the reason behind her crimes.

Imli vents out her frustration. She tells Chakor that she lost her child and also her love because of her. Chakor loses her temper. She asks Imli how can she ruin everyone’s lives if she loses her child. She asks Imli to judge her actions first, if she wanted revenge for some reason, how could she fall so low. Chakor explains her that love is a good thing, it makes a person become better, how could she attempt to kill Vivaan, she should have not chosen the path of evil if she lost her child. Imli doesn’t understand Chakor. Chakor then threatens Imli and leaves. She decides to change Imli by the power of love.


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