Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to calm Roshni’s growing qualms


Raman gets helpless to wear a ladies kurti. Ishita gets laughing on his silly look. The man tells them that they can pay him the money later. He arranges a mechanic for their car repair. Ishita tells them that they would leave now. Ishita and Raman get the car repaired. They decide to go back to Delhi, as the meeting appointment got missed. The lodge owner asks them to visit again. Raman gets enough from the single trip. He can’t forget how he was robbed. Ishita informs Ruhi that she is coming back home. Ruhi then informs Roshni about Ishita. Roshni gets cravings and wishes to have the jackfruit dish. Ruhi tells her that she will get food for her. Mrs. Bhalla then realizes that they should have Adi’s child with them. She shows concern for Roshni, which surprises Ruhi.

On the other hand, Aaliya tells Shagun that she is not ready for marriage yet and even the guy Aryan isn’t interested to settle down soon. She tells Shagun that she needs some time. Mani thinks of talking to Ishita and taking help in Aaliya’s matter. Mrs. Bhalla and Ruhi get emotional while talking of Adi. Raman and Ishita reach home. Raman asks his friend to not file any case against Ishita. She blames him for playing such games, as he has put her in the trouble. Ruhi and Pihu happen to see them back, arguing like before. They get happy that things got normal for them. They always wanted Raman and Ishita to break their silence and get talking. Raman asks the girls to come home with him. The family learns about the incidents that occurred with Ishita and him on the way. They have a laugh knowing it.

Roshni tells Ishita that she is really enjoying the food from Bhalla house. Ishita tells her that the baby is liking all the things of Adi’s choice. Mrs. Bhalla decides to get Roshni home and take care of her. She wants to be with Roshni at the time of her delivery so that they can get a heir. Aaliya gets upset hearing this. She confronts the family for supporting Roshni. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to think of Adi’s child. She tells them that they will stay annoyed and estranged with Roshni, but its not the child’s fault. She asks them to support her in the decision, so that they can get Adi’s child.

Roshni thanks Ishita for always keeping her safe. She shares her fears that she is alone and couldn’t raise the child well. She fears that Bhallas may get after the child and snatch him. Parmeet ignites the fire further and tries to instigate Aaliya against the family. Mrs. Bhalla explains Raman and Aaliya that they have to accept Adi’s child. Ishita is sure that Aaliya will never accept Adi’s illegitimate child. She remarks Roshni for making a mistake. She tells Roshni that the family may not be forgiving her, but she has forgiven Roshni for the child’s sake. She knows Raman will not forgive them. She tells Roshni how hard it is for a mother to stay away from children.

She assures to Roshni that the baby will always be with her. She promises Roshni that she will always fill in Adi’s place in their lives. She wants to fulfill her duties towards Adi’s child. She asks Roshni not to get any thoughts and stay stress free. Aaliya refuses to understands Bhallas’ decision. Mrs. Bhalla assures Raman that she will explain Aaliya, but she will definitely get the child. Shagun confronts Raman for supporting such a decision. She doesn’t want Roshni to take Aaliya’s place.


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