Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Roshni’s baby-shower ceremony to highlight happiness


Roshni gets all the deserved respect from Bhallas. Aaliya gets sidelined. Roshni is carrying Adi’s child, which makes the Bhallas soften their hearts and accept Roshni. Aaliya feels bad thinking they have accepted Adi and Roshni’s illegitimate affair for the sake of the coming baby. She hides her sorrow and thinks about Adi’s big cheat. Aaliya fails to draw in happiness in Roshni’s baby shower ceremony. Bhallas sing and dance on Dhol and express their happiness in Punjabi style. Ishita has approved Roshni’s stay in Bhalla house for the sake of everyone’s happiness. Raman gets grateful to Ishita. The families terms get better with her decision. Raman also calms down and thinks of welcoming Adi’s child.

Roshni is happy that Ishita is also going to stay with her. She tells Ishita that she is afraid of Bhallas, they may snatch the child and then end ties with her. Ishita assures her that she won’t let any injustice happen with her. Roshni knows Raman’s anger is justified. She feels Raman will soon realize that she wasn’t at fault.

She wishes Bhallas to accept her heartily. Ishita gives her courage and hope. She asks Roshni to stay comfortable and not any stress as she has to look after the baby. Bhallas bless the baby in the baby shower ceremony. Iyers too get involved by all their heart. Iyers forgive Roshni for the past. Mrs. Bhalla wants Adi’s child in the family, as the child is the only heir of Bhallas. She considers the problems in the family and justifies her decision. She promises Aaliya that they will just regard her Adi’s wife.


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