Ishqbaaz: After honor killing, Shivay to deal with gender equality


Shivay and his family request Mitali’s brother to leave Khanna and Mitali free. Shivay tries to explain the man. Mitali’s brother tells Shivay that poor people just have respect, which got ruined by Khanna and Mitali. He gets adamant to burn Khanna and Mitali alive. He asks Shivay not to interfere in his family matters. Shivay tells him that he can’t kill anyone on the name of respect. He questions him about following the community and holding fake image. He reminds him humanity. Bhavya and Anika also asks the man to leave Mitali and support her love. Oberois ask him to accept Khanna and Mitali’s marriage. Mitali’s brother doesn’t accept Mitali’s love marriage. They ask him to change his thinking and think of his promises of protection given to his sister.

They suggest him to support Mitali and give her happiness. Mitali’s brother doesn’t listen to any of them. He goes ahead and pours kerosene on them to burn them. His daughter comes there and spots the bad happenings. She questions him about punishing her Bua. She asks him will he tie her up and punish her too if she doesn’t listen to him, will he kill her too. Mitali’s brother gets a shock when his daughter questions him. Shivay then comes to his form and stops him from killing Khanna. He tells him that his daughter’s questions will never stop, he won’t be having any family left if he dies and kills for respect. He asks him to think of family and their happiness first. He asks him to realize what message he is passing to everyone. He asks the man to at least change for the sake of his children. Mitali’s brother then throws the fire of hatred away. He gives up his enmity.

He apologizes to everyone and hugs his children who came at the right time and stopped him from committing a heinous crime. He thanks Shivay for making him realize his mistake. Shivay tells him that he has set an example for everyone by ending his hatred and enmity. He asks them not to kill their family for the sake of honor in society. Shivay takes a step against honor killing. Mitali’s brother apologizes to Khanna and Mitali. Shivay promises that Mitali will always be happy with Khanna. Shivay finally rescues Khanna, his wife, his life and his happiness. Oberois cheer for Khanna and Mitali’s happy union.

Later on, Shivay gets excited that his best friend Far han is coming to meet him. He misses his childhood friend a lot. He tells his brothers about Farhan. Omkara also looks ahead to meet Farhan and his wife Fiza. Rudra turns jealous that Shivay’s attention will be going away from him again. Shivay asks Gauri to manage all the arrangements and make sure that nothing goes wrong. Rudra gets crying like a kid. Omkara doesn’t pay him any heed. Shivay gets surprised finding Anika in her new look. He compliments her. He gets allergic to her perfume. Their romantic moment breaks. Anika tells him about her plannings to welcome Farhan and Fiza in their way. She asks him to encourage her. He asks her not to try such things. She gets upset. He calms her down by her lovey dovey ways.

He doesn’t like her annoyance. He tells Anika that media won’t be coming home. She wishes that she wants to perform a Nikaah with her. He tells her that marriage rituals have to be performed in a good way, not just for fun or fulfilling wish. Anika feels he won’t agree. Shivay prepares for the Eid celebrations to surprise Farhan. Shivay gets a surprise when Farhan and Fiza come before time. Shivay and Farhan get glad to meet each other. Fiza stays reserved. Farhan shows his orthodox mindset and limits Fiza. Shivay introduces his family to Fiza. Shivay senses some trouble between Farhan and Fiza.


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