Udaan: Imli attempts to divide and rule over SuKor


Suraj and Vivaan aim the gun at Imli and threaten to kill her. Imli plays safe and makes them fight to get saved. Chakor tries to stop Suraj and Vivaan’s argument. Imli tells Suraj that there is something really brewing between Chakor and Vivaan. She pushes him in the circle of doubt, so that Chakor’s happiness shatters. She starts poisoning Suraj’s mind. She asks Suraj to be careful, Chakor is very clever, she is playing with his emotions, she will soon reveal about her love to him. She asks Suraj to think about Chakor’s bonding with Vivaan, he will be seeing everything with his eyes soon, Chakor knows he loves her a lot, so she has taken him for granted. She instigates Suraj.

He gets angry and suffocates her, asking her to shut up. Imli gets saved by his anger. Vivaan learns the poison Imli is spreading. He tells Imli that he will kill her. Suraj and Chakor save Imli from Vivaan’s anger. Vivaan gets a call from an unknown lady, who has held Vivaan captive for years.

Vivaan asks the lady who is she. He was assuming Imli was the one who ruined his life. Imli tells Suraj that she has not held Vivaan captive. Suraj asks her not to lie, she is the one responsible for Vivaan’s trauma. Vivaan tries to get an answer from the mysterious caller. Vivaan realizes someone else had kidnapped him. Vivaan tells Suraj and Chakor that they have to find their new enemy. Ragini’s entry will be soon happening.


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