Jiji Maa: Huge celebrations on Gayatri’s return gets an ugly twist

Jiji Maa Falguni to lose her newborn baby

Uttara turns angry that Falguni and Niyati got saved. Her plan backfires and brings Falguni closer to Suyash. Suyash feels his responsibility towards Falguni and looks after her. They have a moment. Falguni is sure to melt his heart and amend her relation. Falguni blackmails Uttara by using the video of Lazer’s murder committed by Uttara. She asks Uttara to just follow her instructions if she doesn’t want the evidence to reach her family. Uttara becomes Falguni’s puppet. Falguni gets things under control by silencing Uttara’s evil plannings.

Uttara doesn’t want the family to know her crimes. She fears of losing everything. Falguni gets Gayatri home. Suyash turns grateful to her for such a big favor and forgives her once again. Suyash and Falguni come closer because of Gayatri. They begin life afresh. They wish nothing goes wrong here. The family plans a celebration for Gayatri. Balwant takes a disguise of a woman and enters Rawat Villa. He works out Uttara’s planning and shoots Niyati. He then turns off the power and drags the shot person away from everyone.


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