Ishq SubhanAllah: Ruksar plots to marry Kabeer

Ishq SubhanAllah Ruksar ugly accusation shocks Kabeer

Zara and Kabeer have a moment. Ruksar intervenes and makes them away. Ruksar shocks them and burns all her memories. She tells Kabeer that she will sacrifice herself for his sake, she will marry anyone he wants. She tells him that she is agreeing to him, and she will marry Hamdan now. She ends the memories. She reminds Kabeer their childhood friendship. Kabeer sympathizes with Ruksar. Zara doesn’t want Ruksar to play any new game. Ruksar lights up all the pictures, and shocks Kabeer. She expresses her annoyance with Kabeer’s decision. Ruksar tells him that she will forget him, and try to adjust in her new life. Her assurance surprises Zara.

Ruksar’s haldi ceremony will be seen. She isn’t happy with Hamdan. Zara congratulates Hamdan. Everyone applies the haldi to the groom and bride. Zara does the Shagun with all her heart. She teases Hamdan. She wants Ruksar to get married and leave from her life. Ruksar burns the Shagun Chunri. She plans something to shock the family. She doesn’t want to get married to Hamdan. She meets Kabeer’s dad and tells him that she wants 1 crore in dowry, as he regards her like a daughter. Kabeer hears her. He tells her that he isn’t her happiness, just Hamdan is her happiness and future. She climbs on the railing and walks madly risking her life. She does a suicide drama.

Zara just wishes that Ruksar sticks to her words. Kabeer protects Zara from Ruksar’s madness. Ruksar looks forward to marry Hamdan. She plans a revenge with Kabeer and Zara. Zeenat gets Ruksar for the marriage rituals.

Zeenat has also given up and wants Ruksar to marry Hamdan, as no hope is left for her. Zeenat wishes Ruksar a happy future. Ruksar knows Miraj’s intentions for entering the house. She finds it difficult to tolerate Miraj. Kabeer and Zara have some happy moments. They are relieved that Ruksar will get married and leave from their lives. Ruksar will be shocking the family by her well-planned drama in the marriage ceremony, so that she gets married to Kabeer. What will Ruksar do? Keep reading.


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