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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
    Sikandar and Kulfi talk out their sorrows to each other. He tells her that he is waiting for his daughter. Kulfi understands his pain. She wishes to tell him that she is his daughter Kulfi. He cries out his helplessness to her, finding her a selfless and pure soul who can listen to his heart without having any judgemental opinion about him. Kulfi shows him the star and tells him that its her mum. She makes Sikandar smile by her innocent talk. She asks him to stay happy. She tells him that once he hugs the family members with love, all the problems will end. Amyra and Kulfi keep their demand that they want to celebrate Eid. He promises them that he will arrange everything for Eid celebrations and also invite his Guru ji. Amyra and Kulfi have a fight, but Sikandar solves their fight. He makes them hug. Kulfi and Sikandar prepare for celebrating festive. He mentions the names of dishes he would ask the cooks to prepare. Kulfi gets excited and tells him that she can’t wait to taste the delicacies.

    Jiji Maa:

    Falguni tells Niyati that she is always with her. She encourages Niyati to fight back and protect herself. Niyati thanks her for always being her big support. Suyash finds Falguni sleeping. He doesn’t disturb her and picks his stuff from the room. She wakes up and finds him stuck in mess. He gets tangled in her saree and falls down. That brings a smile on her face. Uttara gets a shock on finding them closer. Suyash gets embarrassed and leaves with his stuff. Uttara tells Falguni that Suyash has saved her life, else anything could have happened to her and Niyati. Falguni gets a huge shock and understands Uttara’s involvement in Niyati’s kidnapping. She decides to teach him a lesson. Suyash takes care of Falguni in her weak state. He wants her to get fine soon.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Parmeet goes to console Aaliya and make her against the Bhallas. He tells Mihika that Aaliya did a lot for the family, who doesn’t value her at all. He says Aaliya has got cheated by Adi and even now she is choosing Bhallas over her parents, still she has no value. She asks him to show his drama to someone else, as Aaliya doesn’t need his sympathy. She tells him that they will manage Aaliya well. She asks him not to get between their personal matter. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to fulfill her wish and get Roshni home, so that they can have Adi’s child with them. Raman agrees to her. He tries to console Aaliya. Aaliya feels no one cares for her, as Ishita too chose to support Roshni.


    Shivay and his family request Mitali’s brother to leave Khanna and Mitali free. Shivay tries to explain the man. Mitali’s brother tells Shivay that poor people just have respect, which got ruined by Khanna and Mitali. He gets adamant to burn Khanna and Mitali alive. He asks Shivay not to interfere in his family matters. Shivay tells him that he can’t kill anyone on the name of respect. He questions him about following the community and holding fake image. He reminds him humanity. Bhavya and Anika also asks the man to leave Mitali and support her love. Oberois ask him to accept Khanna and Mitali’s marriage. Mitali’s brother doesn’t accept Mitali’s love marriage. They ask him to change his thinking and think of his promises of protection given to his sister.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik and Naira meet each other at the apartment. They realize they have turned into neighbors and have a common friend Kritika too. Kritika tells them about their earlier hit and miss situation. Kartik realizes he has taken Naira’s towel. He clears out to her that he isn’t following her. She tells him that she is well aware of the fact that this is just a coincidence, as he had not come on her numerous call attempts. They have an argument. Naksh gets upset finding Kirti reading an article on babies. She tells him that she is reading an article where her name is mentioned. He gets glad for the news that she got a big chance to participate in designer competition. He tells her that he will give her a treat. Kirti wishes to have a child, but fails to express her wishes to Naksh.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Pranali apologizes to Angad. She feels sorry that Garima doubted on him. He gets angry on her as she has doubted him. He tells her that she may doubt on him again. She promises to never doubt on him. He stays annoyed with her. He refuses to marry her, while she asks him to state if he has any problem in accepting her and the golden future. He tells her that he has loved her and wanted to keep his dad’s wish by marrying her, but whatever happened in Maling, his decision won’t be same. She tells him that her dad has already given them the permission to marry. Angad then agrees to marry her.

    He expresses his love for her and fools her further. Maharaj Shil Aditya meets Angad and his family. He makes Garima apologize to Angad. Angad acts sweet and forgives Garima happily. He tells her that he has forgiven her. He fools them and tells them that he wants their love and blessings to form a relation of harmony. Maharaj Shil Aditya blesses him. Haran recollects Pranali. He worries for her. He gets to know about Angad proving his innocence. Garima and Eshwarya apologize to Pranali in their cute ways. Pranali forgives them. Eshwarya asks Pranali to think about Angad. She asks Pranali not to stay concerned for Haran. Pranali feels injustice happened with Haran. She goes to meet Haran in the prison by taking a disguise. She seeks help from Eshwarya.

    Pranali meets Haran, while Eshwarya manages the guards. Garima apologizes to Adhivanth, while Adhivanth makes an apology to Eshwarya. Arak fools Adhivanth and laughs on him, when he proposes Eshwarya for marriage. Adhivanth asks Arak not to scare him. Arak tells Adhivanth that Eshwarya will keep conditions for marriage. Adhivanth then rehearses to make a love confession. Arak gets mischievous and sends Adhivanth to Garima. Pranali meets Haran and asks him to run away, rather than being adamant. Haran gets hurt by her cheat. He tells her that he doesn’t believe her. She tells him that she has come to release him by hiding from everyone. He refuses to take her help. Haran stays heartbroken. Angad gets informed that Pranali has gone to meet Haran. He fears that Pranali will back out from marriage. He gets angry and targets Pranali.


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