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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Ishita takes Roshni home. She doesn’t want Roshni to fall prey to someone’s plotting. She wants Roshni to live comfortable and not take any stress. She thinks of the bad happenings that occurred in Bhalla house. Roshni and Ishita feel relieved on coming back their home. Ishita pampers Roshni and gets emotional thinking about Adi’s baby. She asks Roshni to take care of herself. She feeds Roshni with love. Bhallas want Roshni to come back. They fail to give an assurance to Ishita.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Kiara sees Abhi crying and asks what happened to him? Abhi says he is feeling hurt and signs at his heart. Kiara wipes his tears and asks who made him cry? She sweetly says, you are my fake Pops… I won’t let you cry. She pacifies him with a cute hug which brings smile on Abhi’s teary face. He gets emotional and touched with her gesture. Kiara asks him to be positive and not to cry again. Abhi sees Pragya’s reflection in her talks and hopes he had a daughter with Pragya. Kiara will know soon about Pragya and Abhi’s relation. Abhi will also come to know about his daughter Kiara.

Piyaa Albela:

Cute moments between Naren and Pooja will be seen. She worries because of Angraj. She was upset that no one remembered her birthday. Naren surprises her with a birthday cake. She sheds tears and gets emotional. He asks her not to cry, since its a special day for her. He pulls her leg. She tells him that she will cut the cake when he agrees to her clauses. They have a cute argument. She turns annoyed with him and asks him to fulfill her conditions and prove himself as a loving husband. Naren tells her that he is ready to make any promise. She makes him note down her conditions. He smartly adds his conditions. He mends her clauses according to his wish. She tells him that she knows his over smartness. She then cuts the cake and celebrates her birthday with Naren.


Vivaan blames Meera for Pammi’s matter. He angrily holds her neck. Meera doesn’t deter and keeps her stance on Roma’s conspiracy. Vivaan is madly finding Pammi. Meera wants to help Vivaan, but is always misunderstood. Roma plots hindrances to divert Vivaan and Meera. Vivaan gets angry when he receives disturbing notes from Pammi. He feels Meera is involved in Pammi’s game. He isn’t aware that Roma has sent the notes to provoke his anger.

Mayavi Maling:
Pranali and Angad are getting married. Maharaj Shil Aditya has got confirmed that Angad is not a Daanav Vanshi. He allows Angad and Pranali’s wedding rituals to proceed. Angad is hiding his evil intentions from everyone. He sits in the mandap and gets happy to win Pranali’s trust. Pranali comes to the altar for the marriage. Garima asks her if she is really willing to marry. Pranali tells her sisters that she believes Angad and doesn’t want any suspicion to ruin her happiness. She has no idea about Angad’s plotting. Angad aims to change the game once he weds Pranali and becomes the rightful son-in-law of Maharaj Shil Aditya. Chegu’s suspicion on Angad doesn’t get clear. He doesn’t know if the marriage will be beneficial for Maling Rajya.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:
Kunal and Mauli stay worried for Nandini. Kunal tells her that he is trying to reach out to Nandini. He gives her an assurance that he will not let her friend’s life get ruined. They spend some moments of peace. On the contrary, Nandini receives a shock when Rajdeep gets his girlfriend home. She tells him that she had planned a surprise for him to thank him. Rajdeep in turn thanks Nandini for making his time wonderful by her efforts. He makes her out of the room. Nandini gets depressed with Rajdeep’s cheat. She endures all the problems at home, while everyone assumes Nandini and Rajdeep to have a happy marriage because of his love drama.

Nimki Mukhiya:
Nimki takes a stand against her in-laws for the first time. She has tolerated a lot from Anaro and Babbu Singh. She thinks its time to give a reply to them. Anaro gets angry on Nimki as always, but gets a huge shock when Nimki rebels and shuts her up. Tetar’s family gets moved by Nimki’s shocking angry avatar.

Jiji Maa:
Suyash and Falguni have a moment, when they recollect their past. Suyash lives in guest room. She finds his favorite blanket left in her room. She takes the blanket to him and covers him up. She expresses her love to him, assuming him to be sleeping. She doesn’t know that he has heard her love confession. He notices her good gesture. Falguni overhears Gayatri and Suyash’s conversation. Gayatri asks Suyash to reconcile with Falguni, who is genuinely good at heart. He thinks of apologizing to Falguni and giving her a chance to begin their life again.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Dadi learns Bulbul’s truth. Bulbul’s secret has come out. Dadi gets angry on her and takes a decision. She goes to slap Bulbul, when the latter goes against the family because of Aaliya. Aaliya defends Bulbul. Dadi taunts Bulbul and seeks an answer from her. She asks Bulbul why did she lie to her before. She asks Bulbul to just speak the truth, if Aaliya is special to her. She says Aaliya is important than Vijay and family. Aaliya hugs Bulbul. Dadi tells Bulbul that she has insulted her Lord by leaving the prayers due. She asks Bulbul to pack her bags and leave the house.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara and Kabeer willingly marry once again. Kabeer weds Zara. They are in love. They wish to spend their life together. They have a cute moment. Later, he finds her worried. She tells him that she is concerned for her dad, who is really sick. Kabeer shares her pain. He hugs her. He flirts with her and makes her smile. He promises that they will have peace in their lives. Ruksar’s best friend Nilofer makes an entry. Nilofer is Miraj’s sister. She will try to separate Kabeer and Zara. Kabeer is determined that no one can break Zara and him.


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