Saam Daam Dand Bhed (PicFiction): Bulbul to have faith in Vijay’s support

Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Vijay and Bulbul's new sorrow

Dadi learns Bulbul’s truth. Bulbul’s secret has come out. Dadi gets angry on her and takes a decision. She goes to slap Bulbul, when the latter goes against the family because of Aaliya. Aaliya defends Bulbul. Dadi taunts Bulbul and seeks an answer from her. She asks Bulbul why did she lie to her before. She asks Bulbul to just speak the truth, if Aaliya is special to her. She says Aaliya is important than Vijay and family. Aaliya hugs Bulbul. Dadi tells Bulbul that she has insulted her Lord by leaving the prayers due. She asks Bulbul to pack her bags and leave the house.

She tells Bulbul that she will tell everything to Vijay and make him choose either his wife or family. Aaliya apologizes to Bulbul, as everything is happening because of her. She doesn’t want Bulbul to face problems. Bulbul consoles Aaliya. She is sure that Vijay will understand her and stand by her when he knows the matter. She asks Aaliya not to worry, as no one can take her away against her wish. Bulbul decides to send Aaliya to her aunt’s house.


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