Kumkum Bhagya and Piyaa Albela to promise high octane drama

Kumkum Bhagya Anniversary party twists lined

In Zee’s Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya shatters Abhi’s when he talks about their reunion. He asks her if she has same feelings for him, if she loves him and cares for him even now. Pragya lies to him and tells that she doesn’t love him now. Abhi gets shattered and vents out his anger on Pragya for marrying a joker and betraying his trust. Pragya asks him not to say anything wrong about King as he did what Abhi should have done. She tells him that she has great respect for King as he understands her. Abhi questions her if he doesn’t understand her and tells that he hates King even more.

Abhi and Pragya, both don’t tell each other about their marriage truth. Abhi thinks he is very unhappy in his compromised marriage with Tanu, while Pragya thinks she is still Abhi’s wife, and works with King as his manager. Abhi misunderstands her and leaves from the party. He reaches home devastated with tears in his eyes.

Kiara sees Abhi crying and asks what happened to him? Abhi says he is feeling hurt and signs at his heart. Kiara wipes his tears and asks who made him cry? She sweetly says, you are my fake Pops… I won’t let you cry. She pacifies him with a cute hug which brings smile on Abhi’s teary face. He gets emotional and touched with her gesture. Kiara asks him to be positive and not to cry again. Abhi sees Pragya’s reflection in her talks and hopes he had a daughter with Pragya. Kiara will know soon about Pragya and Abhi’s relation. Abhi will also come to know about his daughter Kiara.

In Piyaa Albela, viewers can expect a high voltage drama. Naren pleases Pooja with a romantic surprise. Pooja gets many gifts on her birthday. Naren takes Pooja on a love ride. Pooja enjoys her time.

She thanks Naren for making her day so wonderful and memorable. He tells her that last surprise is bigger than her imagination. He shows a giant portrait of Pooja and surprises her with the help of some kids. They sing a birthday song for her. Pooja can’t ask for more. Angraj looks at the knife and thinks that Pooja can shower her love on Naren for last time. He laughs and tells that Naren has to pay for the brotherly’s love which he has for him. He spies outside their room and calls Anuj on video call. He tells him that Naren and Pooja are in the room for one last night. He says two of them are inside, but only Pooja will come out. Anuj gets shocked.

Angraj tells Anuj about his last surprise for Pooja which he kept in her room. Pooja comes out of bathroom and sees something kept by Angraj and his weird music plays in her room. She gets scared. As the day ends, Pooja and Naren’s love story shatters. Pooja has killed Angraj, who tried to murder Anuj. Supriya slaps Pooja and throws her out of the house. Naren doesn’t forgive Pooja and drops her mangalsutra. He sheds tears as he didn’t wish such an unfortunate thing to happen. Pooja recalls how Naren wanted to celebrate her birthday and thinks who knew that one of the son would die on her birthday. Pooja waits for the dead body to arrive and make the arrangements to bid him adieu.


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