Ishqbaaz: Shivika to unitedly fight with another social issue

Shivika get back together

Farhan tells Fiza that he has decided to divorce her. His decision shocks the Oberois. Shivay objects to Farhan’s decision and stops him from finalizing it. Fiza asks Farhan not to repeat the divorce word. Oberois ask him not to be crazy. Before Farhan could say the divorce thrice, Shivay punches his face and stops him. Farhan falls unconscious. Shivay tells his brothers that Triple Talaaq would have got them divorced them instantly. He tells them that Fiza’s life would have got ruined today if Farhan said so. They question how can a man have a right to divorce his wife against her will. Shivay tells them about Triple Talaq, which is allowed in unavoidable circumstances.

Fiza asks him not to explain Farhan, she will accept the divorce if he has decided. Shivay asks her not to give up and fight for her rights. She tells them that she loves Farhan a lot and will leave him for his happiness. They encourage her to clear the misunderstanding. Fiza tells them that Farhan’s mom is responsible for their differences. She reveals that their marriage happened against the wish of Farhan’s mom. Shivay assures her that he will persuade Farhan and set everything fine. Anika feels things have gone out of hand. She gets upset with Shivay. Shivay thinks of clearing the misunderstanding growing in her mind. He clears the matter that he just held Fiza when she slipped. Anika asks him not to clarify. They both get into an argument and hit each other with their attitudes.

Shivay demands her to listen to him. She doesn’t want him to force her. They both have their usual nok jhok in their style. Shivay throws her in the pool and romances her, while reviving their old moments of love. Anika clears to him that she didn’t suspect him and didn’t wish him to clarify anything. He tells her silence made him worry and get different thoughts. She tells him that she trusts him a lot. She gives him unwanted tension. She asks him to marry her again. He doesn’t want to repeat his mistakes. They have a romantic moment. Shivay and Anika make a plan to bring Farhan and Fiza together.

Shivay meets Farhan and apologizes to him for hitting him. Farhan tells him that he is just upset with Fiza. He prepares to leave for home. He apologizes for all the melodrama and troubles. Shivay tells him that one can’t ruin a wife’s future for a petty issue. Farhan doesn’t want him to support Fiza, who is really wrong. Shivay asks Farhan to just stop for his sake. Farhan doesn’t listen to Shivay and rushes off. Omkara and Rudra take the disguise of goons and target Farhan for the money. They threaten to kill him. Fiza gets scared for his life. Farhan refuses to cheat his duty and gets ready to die. He tells them that they won’t get any information from him. Omkara asks Farhan to give them the bank information. Farhan denies to them. He tells them that he is loyal to his job. Omkara and Rudra shoot at him.

Fiza worriedly rushes and takes the bullet on her. Fiza tells Farhan that she can die for his sake. She tells him that she loves him a lot and is always loyal to him. Farhan gets moved with the thought of losing her. He realizes his mistake. He apologizes to her for his huge mistakes of disrespecting her. Shivay asks Farhan to calm down. Farhan asks Shivay to call the ambulance for Fiza. Shivay reveals to him about his plan. He tells Farhan that the bullet was fake, Fiza would gain consciousness soon, this was just a test of love which Fiza passed. He reveals that his brothers have mocked the attack to prove Fiza’s genuine love. Shivay makes Farhan realize Fiza’s love and know the truth. He tells him that Fiza is a decent girl, who loves just him. Farhan regrets for his mistakes deeply.

Fiza gets conscious and apologizes to Farhan. He feels sorry to do wrong with her till now. He apologizes and unites with her. He thanks Shivay for saving his relationship. Shivay hopes that Farhan doesn’t use the word divorce again. He tells him that a girl’s consent should be asked for divorce as well. He asks Farhan and Fiza to live happily ever after. Farhan values Fiza again. Shivay and Anika prepare for the Eid. Shivay gets upset with Anika after reading her letter.


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