Jiji Maa: Uttara gets certain about Falguni’s dual identity

Jiji Maa Falguni to lose her newborn baby

Uttara learns the truth that Falguni has been cheating her as Lazer. She confronts Falguni for her dual identity. She tells Falguni that she won’t be saved now. Falguni calls up Balwaan and asks him if he has told the truth to Uttara. He swears that he didn’t reveal anything, as he doesn’t want to get caught by police. Falguni tries to find out how Uttara learnt the truth. She is well aware of Uttara’s nature. Suyash gets juice for Falguni. She behaves weird in her tension. He stops her to put a stop to her hurried help. Suyash and Falguni have a moment. Gayatri’s return solves their problems. They come closer and forget the past differences.

Jayant makes an apology to Gayatri. He wants to give her a chance to clarify the past matter. Uttara sees them bonding. She stops Jayant from talking to Gayatri. She reminds Gayatri that she is Jayant’s wife now. She warns Gayatri against reaching Jayant again. Falguni finds Uttara disrespecting Gayatri and gets angry on Uttara. Falguni takes a stand for Gayatri. She asks Uttara to respect Gayatri. Uttara likes the joke. Falguni clears to Uttara that she has to listen to her as she holds evidence against her.

Falguni tells Gayatri that she is tolerating Uttara just for Suyash’s sake. She is sure that Uttara will respect Gayatri soon and also make their relations fine. Uttara meets Balwaan and asks about Lazer’s dead body. He quickly informs Falguni and asks her to come fast so that they can trick Uttara. Falguni and Balwaan make a plan to save themselves from the tricky situation. Balwaan informs Falguni about the location. He gets worried that Uttara will know his cheat and kill him. She reaches there on time and lies in the grave to fool Uttara.


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