Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Rajdeep’s business deal comes as a shocker for Nandini

Silsila: New friendship twist indicating Nandini

Rajdeep stoops more low. Nandini has tolerated a lot to save her marriage. Nandini doesn’t know the level to which he can fall down. He sells off Nandini to his investor. He takes Nandini to the pub. He tells her about his meeting with the investor. He uses Nandini as a trophy wife to get the investment for opening a Clinical pathology lab. He turns more selfish. He wants the meeting to go successful. Rajdeep acts sorrowful and tells his dreams to Nandini. He requests her to behave well with the investor and talk nicely. The investor meets them. He eyes Nandini badly and flirts with her. Nandini feels uneasy.

The investor asks her to accompany him to his room. Rajdeep sends Nandini with the investor. He dances with the girls in the pub. The investor tries to molest her.

Nandini saves her dignity and runs away to Rajdeep. She tells the incident and asks Rajdeep to take her home quickly. He calls her mad to not obey his investor. He tells her about his business deal with the investor. He accepts that he has sold her and send her to the investor, what’s the harm for agreeing to the investor. He reprimands her for ruining his business plans. Nandini didn’t know Rajdeep will fool her on the name of love. She gets in a big shock and doesn’t believe her ears. What will Nandini do now? Keep reading.


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