Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Flash mob sequence to cheer-convince Ishita

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Roshni feels the Bhallas aren’t wrong. She tells Ishita that their anger is justified, she knows the Bhallas will love the child a lot as its Adi’s child. Ishita feels proud of her thinking. She tells Roshni that its her child too and she won’t be able to live without the child after giving away the child to Bhallas. She also wants Adi’s child to get all the love. She asks Roshni to think of Aaliya, who may not accept the child. She feels its no one’s fault, its just the fate that drifted the relations. Ishita asks Roshni to take care. She forgets her phone. Mrs. Iyer makes a prayer for Roshni. Parmeet asks Aaliya to know her worth, everyone is praying for Roshni and wishing her to come home. He tells her that she won’t have any significance in the house.

Aaliya gets upset. Romi gets Mihika to the adoption centre. She asks him is he serious about adopting a child. He wants to adopt a child. She gets angry as he tricked her and got her here. She tells him that she will be a good mother, they should have a child of their own, its high time that they form a family. Mrs. Iyer feels guilty and asks Aaliya not to get upset with her. She explains her intentions weren’t wrong. She apologizes to Aaliya. Shagun meets Aaliya and tells her about Mani’s suggestion of opening a catering business. She feeds her handmade cookies to Aaliya. She tells Aaliya that she has come for another purpose, she doesn’t want to discuss about Roshni. Shagun tells Aaliya about her new venture and takes her help. Aaliya and Mrs. Iyer agree to get involved in Shagun’s venture. Shagun gets glad that Mani’s idea worked.

Mrs. Bhallas waits for Roshni. Roshni doesn’t come and the family misses her. Shagun meets Pihu after a long time, and makes her glad. Shagun asks Pihu to come along for shopping. Pihu thanks her for showing affection once again. Shagun and Pihu go to have icecream. Shagun sees Roshni on the roads and doesn’t help her. Pihu tells Shagun about Roshni. She asks why didn’t you help Roshni. Shagun gets Roshni at her home. Parmeet meets Mani and Shagun again and tells them to take a stand for Aaliya. He tells them that Roshni is the person who is breaking Aaliya’s house.

Shagun tells him that she got concerned for Roshni, as she is pregnant. Parmeet asks her why did she not take advantage of the chance and trouble Roshni. Mani kicks him out of the house. Romi and Mihika meet the official for the child adoption. The lady asks both of them to give their mutual acceptance. Mihika supports Romi in his decision. Romi tells the lady that he is financially sound and can secure the child’s future. The lady asks him to submit the property documents copy to ensure he is capable of taking the child’s responsibility. Roshni goes to meet Ishita and help her. Roshni and Ishita get a surprise of flash mob by Raman and family. Raman tells them that he really cares for the baby. The Bhallas convince Ishita for allowing Roshni’s baby shower ceremomy. Roshni asks Ishita to agree for Adi’s sake. Ishita makes the merry decision and gives her approval. The family happily takes Roshni home. Raman and Ishita get together for Adi’s child. Someone plans to kill Roshni’s child.


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