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    Jiji Maa

    Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
    Mariam gets upset when her parents scold her for her silly mistake. She tells them that she did everything to please Madiha. Majaaz also scolds Mariam for bringing disgrace for his press. He asks her to think well before taking any action. She decides to leave the house. She gets too sad. Majaaz receives a notice and tells Madiha about their haveli’s court case hearing schedule. She tells him that he has to keep the promise and sell his press if he wants them to live in peace.

    Ishqbaaz: Gauri manages the arrangements for Eid celebrations. Farhan and Fiza plan to gift Shivay so that they can thank him. They talk about Eidi, and explains them the meaning. Farhan tells them that he has also planned the gifts for them. Anika wants Shivay to give her a gift. The wives ask their husbands for the gifts. Farhan asks Fiza to wait for her gift, which he has planned wisely. Anika finds Shivay annoyed. He tells her that he has a meeting and he needs to rush. She stops him from leaving for the urgent meeting so that he can attend the Eid celebrations. Shivay doesn’t listen to her and reacts angrily. They wonder if Anika had a fight with Shivay.

    Krishna Chali London:

    Shukla tells the guests that his bahu’s Mu dikhai will be special and very much different. He insults Radhe and asks him to get away while Krishna gives the test. Shukla asks the guests to spin the Globe and ask about the capital of any country, Krishna will be answering them. Shukla’s wife feels its a unique Mu dikhai. Shukla wants Krishna to save his pride. Krishna answers the guests and passes the test by answering the questions well. It becomes a moment of pride for Shukla. Shukla gets impressed with her knowledge. He dream of getting a trophy bahu gets fulfilled. Shukla tells the guests that they can answer any question, his bahu is like an encyclopedia. Krishna answers the random questions well. Shukla gets happy seeing the way she is answering them. Krishna’s wits get unmatchable.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik wins the arm wrestling match and brings a smile on Naira’s face. She gets glad. Kartik doesn’t talk to her. Kirti sends a dress for Naira for the freshers’ party. Naitik asks Naira to value Kirti’s dress and wear the dress. He wants her to stay happy. He tells Chitti that he wants to see Naira smiling. Naira fakes smile and shows him that she is happy, she will not miss the freshers’ party. Manish worries that Suwarna has learnt about Naira. He looks for Suwarna. He books his ticket for Mumbai. Suwarna plans the surprise visit so that she can meet Kartik. Bau ji feels unwanted, when everyone stops him from doing any work. He gets bored at home. He wishes the family understands his feelings, that he doesn’t want to be treated like a sick person. Kirti finds him disturbed.

    Aarti worries for Muskaan. She gets a bad dream that Muskaan is dancing wearing ghungroos and following the path shown by Tabassum. She gets really terrified. She doesn’t want her fears to turn true. Tabassum tells Aarti that if Muskaan comes to them, she will remove her anklet and make her wear the ghungroos. Aarti finds Muskaan sleeping in peace. She makes a promise that Muskaan will never lose her anklets and never wear the ghungroos, she will never enter her world. She wants to keep her promise and save Muskaan’s future.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman and Ishita have a cute argument as usual while they head to the restaurant to discuss Roshni’s baby shower ceremony arrangements. Raman tells her that he was sure that she will agree seeing his efforts. She tells him that she has agreed for the sake of the children. They forget the arrangements and argue again. The power goes. Raman asks her not to show her bravery. She asks him to save her from a cockroach. He kills the cockroach. They have a moment while dealing with the petty issue. The family joins them. They make a plan to organize Roshni’s baby shower ceremony. Aaliya doesn’t feel comfortable in Roshni’s presence. Ishita thanks Aaliya for coming and completing their happiness. She realizes the pain Aaliya is going through. Aaliya tells her that she isn’t angry with Roshni and her, she is happy for welcoming Adi’s child. She shows her maturity. Ishita finds her sorrowful within. She wishes Aaliya finds real happiness.

    Chandra/Azad and Rajguru meet their fellow mates and makes a plan against the Britishers. Bhagat learns about the violent revengeful plan and doesn’t support it. He gets unhappy with the plan. Chandra and Rajguru want to get revenge for Lala ji’s death. Chandra visits Lahore and meets Durga Bhabhi, who tells them that they have to kill the Britisher who has murdered Lala ji. However, their plan backfires. They accidentally hit Saunders and fall into trouble. British people looks for Chandra and his team members to punish them for Saunder’s murder.

    Jiji Maa:
    Falguni tries her best to outdo Uttara’s planning. Uttara makes Balwaan dig the grave and show Lazer’s dead body. Falguni reaches there on time and misleads Uttara for some time. Uttara gets to see Lazer’s dead body in the grave and gets worried when she hears a police siren. She asks Balwaan to seal the grave and escape before police reaches them. He asks Uttara to leave from the place and he will fulfill the task. Uttara rushes away, while Balwaan safely rescues Falguni. Falguni fools Uttara by her superb plan.


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