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Kritika and Ranbir see each other in the party. Malishka plans to trap Ranbir so that he gets forced to marry her. Ranbir sees Kritika sad and goes behind her. Kritika sees Ranbir following her and questions him if he thinks of her like his girlfriend and followed her to cheer her up? She asks who are you to me? Ranbir asks who are you to me? Kritika is speechless. He tries to cheer her up. Kritika and Ranbir realize that they are getting drawn towards each other.

Savitri Devi:
Sanchi tells Jaya that she is divorcing Veer. Jaya and Pragya get shocked. Jaya scolds Sanchi for doing wrong and blames her upbringing. Veer gets sad but determines to make Sanchi realize their love, and behaves nicely with her and cares for her. Sanchi walks out of the conference hall lost in thoughts and falls down. She writhes in pain. Veer and Dr. Kabir rush to her, but before Dr. Kabir could do anything, Veer lifts her and assures Sanchi that he being her husband is always with her. He takes Sanchi from there leaving Dr. Kabir angry. Veer challenges Dr. Kabir that he will win.

Soumya gets injured while trying to save Jeet thinking him as Harman outside Harak Singh’s house. Balwinder shoots at Jeet, but she rescues him and gets bullet injury. Raavi gets shocked and tries to make Soumya get up, when Sameer comes there wearing a helmet and takes Soumya with him. Raavi shouts to Soumya. Harman comes out and asks Raavi why is she shouting. Raavi tells him that Soumya was here and got shot by Balwinder, but someone came and took her with him. Harman wonders who could be the man? Harman and Jasleen follow Sameer and Soumya on the bike. Sameer rides fast and tells Soumya that he will take her to the nearby hospital as she bleeds profusely.

Kundali Bhagya:

Shrishti and Karan convince Preeta to help them get the proofs against Prithvi. Preeta gives him a last chance and asks him to be good with Prithvi if he fails to prove him wrong. They come to Sherlyn’s house. Karan gets a picture in which Prithvi and Sherlyn are striking a romantic pose. Karan shows the picture to Shrishti and Preeta. Preeta gets shocked to see their picture in a romantic pose, but still can’t believe what she has seen. They search for more proofs. Prithvi comes to Sherlyn’s house to meet her, just then Sherlyn’s mother comes home and calls her asking where is she? Prithvi panics and thinks of what to do. Karan, Preeta, and Shrishti get stuck in the room.

Piyaa Albela:

Angraj makes Anuj worried about Pooja and threatens to kill Naren before the night ends and get Pooja. He instigates him to take a wrong step. Anuj shoots him in order to save Naren. Naren shoots back at Anuj’s chest. Pooja gets shocked. Angraj suffers bullet injury on his hand and falls off from the terrace. Pooja asks Naren to help her take Anuj to the hospital, but Naren runs to save his brother. Pooja gets shocked. She loses Anuj while Vyas Family loses Angraj and blames Pooja for his death. It is yet to be seen if the mastermind can die so soon. Pooja does Anuj’s last rites, after Naren and his family break all ties with her.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Naina tries to get Sameer’s attention on her waxed feet, but he doesn’t understand or see her feet. This makes Naina upset. Naina manages to hide her eyebrow cut from Sameer, while he hides razor cut on his cheeks. Bela tells Naina that she is unwell and asks her to make turmeric milk. Taya ji comes there and asks Bela to make food for his guests who will come for dinner. Bela and Naina get tensed.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Kunal blackmails Naira and asks her for a dance. Kartik intervenes and saves Naira from Kunal’s compelling wish. Kunal tells his friends that he knows Naira’s secret and he knows how he has to convince her for the dance. Surprisingly, Naira and Kartik come on the stage and perform a cute scene from Sholay movie. They argue like Veeru and Basanti. Kartik and Naira come closer during the play.


Oberois celebrate Eid with Farhan and Fiza. They perform on retro songs and express their happiness. Everyone sings and dances together. Farhan’s mum arrives there and creates an issue seeing Farhan and Fiza together. She ruins the fun. She asks Farhan to sign on the divorce papers. Farhan tears the papers and tells his mum, that he won’t ruin his wife’s life, as he has full faith in her, she didn’t do anything wrong, she has always been loyal to him and loves just him. He praises Fiza and asks his mum to accept Fiza for the sake of his happiness. Farhan’s mum finally accepts them, being left with no option.

Vivaan asks the guards to throw out Meera from the academy. Meera gets thrown out and insulted. She gets hurt by his behavior. She asks him to listen to her once. Roma has made them away by creating misunderstandings. He doubts on Meera as she always defends Pammi. He scolds her for getting involved with Pammi and ruining his life. Meera asks Vivaan to stop blaming her. He tells her that their relationship is over now, there is nothing left between them.

Siddhi Vinayak:
Pratima meets Vinayak to tell him about Riddhi’s real identity that she is Siddhi Joshi. She fears that Shivam will be breaking the truth to Vinayak in a different way and spoil things for Siddhi. She doesn’t want Siddhi’s life to get ruined. Shivam believes Siddhi is his wife Riddhi. Pratima tries to tell the truth to Vinayak and finds it too tough to explain. Manjiri spies on them and learns about Pratima’s revelation. She steps in to stop Pratima from uniting Vinayak and Siddhi.


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