Kulffi Kumarr Bajewala: Kulfi falls in trouble by Amyra’s ghost drama

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala receives a surprising good news

Amyra and Cutie act as ghosts to scare Kulfi and make her leave the house out of fear. Amyra then saves Kulfi and asks her to listen to her if she wants to get saved. Kulfi gets petrified and runs to her room. Kulfi slips down the balcony. Sikandar and Lovely visit the temple. Sikandar gets a call from home and hears Kulfi screaming. He rushes home and sees Kulfi hanging down the balcony. He runs to save her in time. Sikandar rescues Kulfi. He tells at Amyra and Cutie for their bad plotting, which could have taken Kulfi’s life. He scolds Amyra for not valuing anyone’s life and sentiments.

He hopes Amyra gets sense and stops following Cutie and Lovely. Sikandar teaches piano to Kulfi and Amyra. They have the music rehearsals and enjoys. Amyra practices to play piano. Sikandar gets glad seeing Amyra’s hard work. He asks her to keep working hard and soon she will grab all the musical talents. Sikandar makes Kulfi play the piano too. Kulfi and Amyra have fun together. Kulfi worships music.


  1. My favorite serial Kulfi Kumar Bajewalla . The real acting of Kulfi & Sikandar roles.I love them. Thanks


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