Tu Aashiqui: Pankti grows suspicious about Reyansh’s intentions


JD/Reyansh gets upset when he finds Pankti and Ahaan together. He doesn’t want them to come closer. He finds ways to keep them away. He learns that Pankti has agreed to sing and act with Ahaan in the music album. Pankti and Reyansh dine together. She observes a mark on his arm and recalls about the wound on the culprit’s arm. She suspects Reyansh and thinks to confirm her doubt. She then overhears him talking to a goon. She then confronts Reyansh, but he cleverly lies to cover up his crime. Aparna tells Pankti that she is suspicious about Reyansh, knowing he visited the airport instead the recording studio, the day when Sheetal left for London. She wonders the reason for Reyansh following Sheetal.

Pankti gets more suspicious about Reyansh’s background and intentions. Elsewhere, Monty stays hurt with Poorva’s deceive. He finds Kaira a nice girl. He decides to propose Kaira so that Poorva learns a lesson.

Monty meets Kaira and proposes her for marriage, which leaves her stunned. Kaira happily accepts his proposal and expresses her liking for him. Reyansh takes Pankti for a recording and tries to get close to her inappropriately. She gets uncomfortable and asks him to stay away. Reyansh then plans to separate Pankti and Ahaan by clipping off Ahaan’s singing part from the album video. He just uploads Pankti’s singing part, which irks Ahaan. Reyansh wishes Ahaan misunderstands Pankti and gets distant.


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