Udaan: Mysterious enemy to keep a shocking demand for SuKor

Udaan Colors Vijayendra Meera amazing pairing missed

Chakor warns Imli against harming Saanvi. She threatens to kill Imli if she dares to harm Saanvi. Chakor tells Suraj and Vivaan that they should give a chance to Imli and reform her with love by keeping her between the family. They don’t agree with her and ask her to hand over Imli to the police. Imli instigates Suraj against Chakor and Vivaan’s love chemistry. Suraj disagrees with her, but gets doubtful when he finds Chakor and Vivaan together. Vivaan demands Imli to tell him about the reason for making him suffer. He then gets a call from the mysterious enemy and learns that Imli wasn’t responsible behind his sufferings. He tells Chakor that they should give away Imli to the police.

Vivaan reveals to Imli that Chakor wasn’t the one who told him about her miscarriage. He clears out Chakor’s name from Imli’s misconception. Imli receives a big shock and acts traumatized.

Chakor, Suraj and Vivaan take Imli to the police station to get her punished by the laws. Imli tries their best and asks them not to send her to jail. They all lose trust in her and assume her to be acting. Someone kidnaps all of them on the way and demands them to fulfill a condition to get freedom. The lady asks them to kill Imli if they want to be alive. Chakor faces a new enemy. Who is chasing SuKor’s happiness? Keep reading.


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