Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Parmeet to kidnap Roshni and mislead Ishita


Roshni’s baby shower ceremony is celebrated with all the wishful hearts. Roshni gets gifts from them. Pihu gives a thoughtful gift. She tells Roshni that she got the book so that she can teach good manners to the baby. Pihu makes Roshni smile by her innocent talk. She then insists everyone to come for dance. The family misses Adi. Roshni gets attacked during the baby shower ceremony. Ishita gets certain that someone wants to harm Roshni and her child. She decides to take Roshni back home with her.

Ishita calls up to get the CCTV cameras installed at home. It gets delayed from the service. Ishita stays disturbed by her worries. Roshni asks her not to take much tension and go for her work at the clinic. Ishita hopes Roshni stays fine and leaves her alone at home. Parmeet overhears Bhallas’ planning to give company shares to Adi’s child. He doesn’t want any property or shares to go to Roshni’s baby. He thinks to stop Roshni’s child from gaining anything. Parmeet has failed to harm Roshni’s child. He steps in the game himself to ruin their happiness.

Parmeet takes a disguise and reaches Roshni to kidnap her. He doesn’t want Roshni to reach Bhalla house. He wants to stop Bhallas from getting their heir. Roshni gets kidnapped from Ishita’s house. Ishita comes home and doesn’t find Roshni. She gets worried and calls the doctor to know if Roshni visited for the checkup. The doctor tells her that Roshni’s next checkup isn’t scheduled yet. Ishita calls Raman to know about Roshni. Parmeet leaves a clue to mislead Ishita. Ishita gets worried to know someone from Bhallas is behind the kidnapping. Parmeet holds Roshni captive. Raman and Ishita get together to rescue Roshni. Will they find out Parmeet’s crime? Keep reading.


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