Ishqbaaz: A new track to present hint of Shivika’s separation


Oberois celebrate their Eid festival in a grand style. Shivay surprises Anika by revealing his decision to have a Nikaah with her. Anika gets touched by his gesture. Oberois showers flowers on them, while Shivay and Anika say the magical Qubool Hai thrice to complete their Nikaah. They make vows and celebrate their love once again. They have assurance that nothing can go wrong between them. Oberois then sing and dance their hearts outs to celebrate Ramadan Eid with Farhan and Fiza. They have successfully solved the problems between Farhan and Fiza. Farhan’s mum turns up there, and demands Farhan to divorce Fiza. She asks them to stop the celebrations as nothing is merry for her.

She expresses her annoyance seeing Farhan with Fiza. He doesn’t react on her behest and tells her that Fiza loves him and he also loves her a lot, Fiza had been loyal to him always. Farhan’s mum gets the divorce papers and asks him to sign on it. Farhan dismisses her word and tears the papers. He upsets his mum and tells her that its time he takes a stand for his love.

Farhan’s move upsets his mum, who doesn’t like Fiza at all. She leaves from the ceremony. Oberois become the family for Farhan and completes his Eid celebrations to make it a wonderful memory. Ishqbaaz will have a new track of Shivika’s separation and a new love story forming between them with difficulties. Anika and Shivay’s eternal and true love will be tested against time. They meet a famous book author and mentalist Mihir Awasthi, who challenges to make anything possible by changing someone’s thinking. Mihir is known to be capable of reading anyone’s mind. Anika doesn’t believe him at first.

Shivay shows his belief in Mihir. He praises Mihir and tells Anika that Mihir will be convincing her. Anika can’t believe that Mihir can turn anything possible. The track will be around Mihir’s take on Shivika’s relation. Shivika happily meet Mihir and think of their love story, would it be possible for them to meet and fall in love if they hadn’t meet that day. They question themselves about the power of fate and love. Shivika will be coming together once again because of their true love. Universe will play the cupid to bring them together. The track will bring much interesting moments for them.


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