Jiji Maa: Gayatri’s death to draw in big twists

Jiji Maa: Suyash to conceal his critical illness

Uttara plans to kill Falguni, and hires Balwaan for the task. Balwaan worries for his life and agrees to her. Uttara throws a grand party for Gayatri to celebrate her birthday. Gayatri gets shot in the darkness, while saving Falguni. Gayatri dies and this brings a shock for the family. Falguni wants to tell the family about Gayatri’s murder. Falguni meets with an accident. Falguni loses her mental balance. She becomes a child mentally. She loses her memory. The family worries for Falguni. Falguni assumes Uttara is her mother and acts weird. Suyash asks her what is she saying.

Falguni gets away from Niyati. Suyash asks the doctor what’s happening. Doctor tells him about the rare illness, Falguni has become a five year old child as her brain nerves are affected, she is suffering from amnesia, this is dangerous for her, you can’t make her recover easily, just remind her life gradually. Uttara gets ready to become Falguni’s mum and acts sweet. She tells Suyash that her love will be medicine for Falguni, she will take care of Falguni. Falguni does strange things in Gayatri’s mourning ceremony. She removes the garlands from Gayatri’s picture and makes Uttara wear the garland. Suyash scolds Falguni for the misbehavior.


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