Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar to upset Lovely and Amyra


Sikandar makes Amyra face the bitter truth. He tells her that she can’t snatch anyone’s right. Amyra refuses to accept anything. He tells her that he is going to tell the truth to RK, that Kulfi has sung the song on the concert. Amyra reacts angrily. He takes a stand for Kulfi. He wants justice and rights for Kulfi, as she has much talents. He knows Lovely and Amyra have exploited Kulfi’s talent. He tells her that Kulfi has sung the song, she should feel like a superstar, not you, she should get credit, you shouldn’t do cheating. He asks her to think about Kulfi, she has lost her parents.

Amyra breaks the things in the room in anger. Lovely calms her down and asks the matter. Sikandar faces Lovely’s anger. Lovely supports Amyra in the wrong doings. She scolds Sikandar. She says you will never change for us. She makes Sikandar away. She says you have done what you always do, you broke Amyra’s heart again. She asks him to realize his mistake of hurting Amyra’s heart. Sikandar is threatened by Lovely again. Lovely tells him that she will walk away with Amyra. He is ready to accept any outcome, but sticks to his decision.


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