Mayavi Maling: Madhumali reveals her plan of revival

Madhumali returns for revenge

Pranali shares her problems with Vaidehi. She gets scared of Angad. Vaidehi tells her that Angad’s anger will melt when she sees him with love. She asks him not to be scared of Angad. She supports Pranali and plans her Bidaai. She tells Pranali that she didn’t imagine she will leave them so well. Eshwarya and Garima also spend time with Pranali before her Bidaai. Pranali cries that she will soon leave from the house soon. She gets emotional. She tells them that she will miss them a lot. Trishanku and Maharaj Shil Aditya have friendly time. Maharaj Shil Aditya warns him about Pranali, who will make Angad dance on his fingers. Trishanku tells him that he will always protect Pranali as his daughter. Maharaj Shil Aditya asks him if he is fine and wants Bidaai ceremony to happen soon.

Trishanku tells him that he is fit and fine, and can prove it any way. Maharaj Shil Aditya regrets that Madhumali was a Daanav Vanshi, and had to face such a bad fate. Trishanku tells him that Madhumali deserved all that, she was a demon, his decisions about punishing Madhumali was right. He thanks Maharaj Shil Aditya for punishing Madhumali and washing off her evil powers, which made him fine. Maharaj Shil Aditya tells him that Maling lake water always does good to good people, evil powers can’t stay in front of them.

Trishanku asks him to gift him some pure water from the lake, so that he gets completely fine. Maharaj Shil Aditya agrees. Trishanku has Madhumali’s mind in him, who conspires to get back to her original avatar. Angad gets angered when he thinks of Haran. Mandhari meets Angad and asks him about his terms with Pranali. Angad tells her that she should have told him the truth before marriage. She gets attracted to him. He tells her that she can meet him again to give him information regarding Maling Rajya. She gets happy when he shows his sympathy. Maharaj Shil Aditya gets grateful to Lord for getting such a pure lake in Maling. He asks the servant to fill the lake water in bottles for Trishanku.

Trishanku dances, while Angad asks him to stop, since any one can see him. Angad gets happy that his plan worked well. Madhumali gets back to her form. They recollect their plan of framing her, so that he succeeds to marry Pranali by winning Maharaj Shil Aditya’s trust. She reveals that she has got her shadow to get punished in the Maling lake instead her. Madhumali and Angad plan to kill Trishanku so that they can blame Maharaj Shil Aditya for their motives.


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