Bepannaah: Aditya to sort his differences with Zoya


Harsh proves in court that Aditya and Zoya don’t know each other when they first met in the shop. He also proves that Yash got married to Zoya for her father’s money, but he didn’t get anything as they got married without her father’s will. He tells that Yash had taken big loans from many, and he had taken 5 crores loan from Pooja. He calls his friend Ashish who gives the statement about Yash taking a big loan from Pooja in the name of investment, but he ruined all money to buy property in Mumbai and Mussoorie. Ranvir gets angry. Prosecution lawyer tells that Aditya’s credit card was found the car. Harsh says all wives are known for carrying their husbands’ credit cards. He proves that Yash was a depressed man and killed her with himself when she asked him for her money.. The doctor also confirms and gives the statement that Yash was psychologically ill. Harsh tells in court that Yash is Pooja’s murderer.

Judge gives the verdict that Yash and Pooja were not having an affair, so there is no scope of murder. It is a suicide case and Pooja died as she was with him. Judge frees Aditya and Zoya from all charges. Aditya hugs Harsh for winning the case. Zoya gets shocked and angry thinking about Harsh accusations against Yash. Aditya asks Zoya where was she and tells that he called her many times. He congratulates her.

She pushes him away with much anger. She says you had promised me that your Dad will make everything fine, but on what basis? She adds, your dad humiliated Yash and his family’s respect in the court. She asks why didn’t your dad prove that Pooja was a characterless girl and could do anything. Aditya shouts enough and raises his hand to slap her, but stops. They have an argument. Aditya and Zoya’s friendship breaks after the court hearing. Zoya gets hurt that just Yash’s name was dragged in the case improperly. She feels bad and loses trust in Aditya. Aditya vows to win back her trust and friendship.


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