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Spoilers Internet Wala Love, Shakti

Naagin 3: Mahir decides to marry Bela when Yuvi goes missing. Vish comes in her Naagin form and kills Yuvi after luring him to come with her. Mahir recalls his promise to Bela and takes a decision to marry her after speaking to his parents Andy and Sumitra. Bela sees Mahir sitting as her groom and refuses to marry her. Andy gets angry with her refusal and announces Mahir’s marriage with Vish, which comes as a shocker for everyone. Bela tells Sumitra to get her sons married to whoever they want and tells Mahir that she is taking humiliation from there. Bela’s dad couldn’t handle the shock and runs out. He jumps in the river. Bela follows him and jumps in the river too. Sumitra tries to stop them, but in vain. As Bela refuses to marry Mahir and run out, Andy requests to Vish and she readily agrees to become Mahir’s wife. She sits with Mahir as a bride for a while, but she makes fire accident seeing Raavi coming there. She takes her to haveli, scares her and make her loses her memory. On returning back, she finds Bela and Mahir getting married. Sumitra clears to her that she sees Bela as her bahu and not her. Bela and Mahir exchange marriage vows to protect each other. Vish plans to kill Bela and stabs her to reach Mahir. She plans her next victims, Adi and Rehan

Savitri Devi:

Dr. Kabir decides to send Sunny to the US after Sanchi rescues him from committing suicide. Sanchi gets helpless at the hands of Dr. Kabir and agrees to send Sunny to the US. Sunny thinks Dr. Kabir will make Sanchi’s life miserable after he leaves and is about to tell Veer everything, but stops thinking about Sanchi’s promise. He feels helpless and thinks of what to do. Veer behaves sweetly with Sanchi and tries all possible ways to make her realize his love. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi to get engaged to him while breaking her mangalsutra.


Ranbir alerts Kritika to maintain distance with Yash, but she doesn’t believe him. Yash tries to misbehave with Kritika seeing her alone in the hotel. Kritika asks him not to come near her. Yash tells that nobody will come to rescue her and can’t hear her voice due to the loud music sound. Kritika tells him that she is not weak, but a strong girl and is enough to fight for herself. Yash tries to force himself on Kritika. Ranbir hears her voice and rescues Kritika and her respect. He beats up Yash for his misbehavior. Malishka plans to trap Ranbir and get intimate, but her plan fails as Ranbir leaves the party with Kritika.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:

Kunal takes Mauli to meet Nandini. Nandini and Mauli meet each other after eight years. Later, Nandini sees a child playing near the poolside and about to fall down. She rescues him, but she herself falls in the Pool. Kunal jumps in to save her. Kunal introduces Rajdeep to his wife Mauli. Mauli gets upset seeing Rajdeep. Nandini thanks Rajdeep for making her meet Mauli after eight years. She tries to tell Rajdeep about her pregnancy news.


Harsh proves in court that Aditya and Zoya don’t know each other when they first met in the shop. He also proves that Yash got married to Zoya for her father’s money, but he didn’t get anything as they got married without her father’s will. He tells that Yash had taken big loans from many, and he had taken 5 crores loan from Pooja. He calls his friend Ashish who gives the statement about Yash taking a big loan from Pooja in the name of investment, but he ruined all money to buy property in Mumbai and Mussoorie. Ranvir gets angry. Prosecution lawyer tells that Aditya’s credit card was found the car. Harsh says all wives are known for carrying their husbands’ credit cards. He proves that Yash was a depressed man and killed her with himself when she asked him for her money.


Sameer gets beaten up by Harman for betraying him. Harman accuses Sameer of hiding Soumya in his house and fooling them. Sameer asks Soumya to accept his love and asks her what is the difference between Harman and him. Soumya says you love a woman and Harman loves a kinnar. She breaks out her identity truth. Sameer gets shocked and blames her for hiding her truth from them. He hates himself for loving a kinnar when he has so much hatred for kinnars. He tells her that Harman might love kinnar, but he can’t. Sameer’s mum also insults Soumya. They throw Soumya out of the house and then face misfortune.


Shamsher gets to know that Gardener has caught Roop for stealing mangoes. Kamla gets shocked when Ranvir informs her about the same. Shamsher feels proud that his son is catching manly things. Later, Roop is caught by the Police for beating a man. Shamsher frees his son from the Police station and walks out proudly saying Roop is becoming a man.


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