Ishqbaaz’s Shivika’s challenge: A new define for Shivay-Anika’s love story


A new entry of Mihir Awasthi happens. The man is a mentalist and a fortune teller, who is equipped with all the miraculous powers to tell a person’s current and past state of mind, along with the future happenings that could occur in a person’s life. It seems more like a joke to Anika till she meets Mihir herself. The man surprises her by his amazing skills to know about people without any prior interaction. Anika wants to know if Shivay and her love story would get possible if they didn’t meet before like the way they had met. Shivay too gets influenced with Mihir. He also wants to test time and know if his love is ahead over time and destiny. Shivay and Anika have a dilemma going on in hearts.

They try to solve the puzzle of mentalist Mihir. They try to know how far their love would connect them. They very well know that true lovers are unstopped by the worldly forces, none can drift them apart, even their self-will won’t be supporting them when its about uniting with destined love. Anika and Shivay’s take on love doesn’t please Mihir, who thinks love is just nothing. He tells them that love doesn’t exist and they are giving it too much importance for no reason. Mihir defines love as a chance, by which two people can meet or not, based on the timing. Shivika doesn’t agree with him.

Shivay stands up Anika when she opposes Mihir and shares her point of view about true love. Shivay refuses for the book launch, as Mihir compels them to believe his word. Shivay tells Mihir that he would not be interested in the book launch if Mihir doesn’t believe love.

Mihir challenges them to meet against time and fate, and prove out their true love. He takes it on his ego as Shivika mocks him in front of everyone in the launch event. Mihir keeps numb in front of the people. He then threatens to separate Shivay and make them pay a price for defying the laws of nature, fate and universe. Shivay and Anika get a shock of their lives when they don’t identify each other and go different ways. Mihir captivates them and puts them in a different situation to test their love.

A new story of true love will be seen in Ishqbaaz. Shivay and Anika wonder if they reach back in time and reach the same place, but if they don’t meet, will they fall in love. They doubt on the uncertainties and questions themselves to know the power of their true love. Anika tells Shivay that they will surely meet even if they miss out their first meet, since the universe will conspire their meeting some other ways, true lovers are destined to meet. Anika and Shivay will be seen in a different light than before. Fiction would be added to their lives a lot more. Keep reading.


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