Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik-Naira get together to tackle Tanvi’s MMS scandal

Kartik and Naira to unite

Kartik turns angry after the Freshers party. He doesn’t like talking to Naira. He finds her having a fall and runs to help her. They have a moment. Naira learns about Tanvi’s MMS. Naira helps Tanvi. Tanvi’s video goes viral. Tanvi gets to see the video. She gets panicking. She avoids everyone in the college. Tanvi asks Naira if she can take help from professor Goenka. She believes Kartik will understand her problem and will get her out of the mess.

She says Kartik is a genuine person, he is college trustee, he can help us. Kartik gets a huge shock on knowing about the MMS scandal. Dean tells Kartik that this can affect the college reputation, they have to think wise and take the action. Kartik is just concerned for Tanvi, not the college and family reputation. He tells them that his agenda is to catch the cheap person and punish him, so that the culprit doesn’t repeat this. He says we can’t think of Tanvi’s problem, what she is going through, we have to save her from this mental trauma, we shall think for Tanvi and help her.

Kartik tells the board that they have to find who is behind this and they have to take a strict action. He does a trustee’s duty. He tells the Dean that they can’t take this matter lightly, this can affect Tanvi’s life, its important to punish the guy. Dadi is with Kartik now and guides Kartik for helping Naira’s friend. Naira tells Tanvi that everything will get fine. Kartik assures Tanvi that he will set things and not let her receive defamation. Dadi also can’t tolerate a girl’s disrespect. Kartik and Naira come together to help Tanvi. Will they sort their differences? Keep reading.


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